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Hid­den in the grid is the name of a Bri­tish singer. An­swer the ques­tions, then re-ar­range the let­ters cor­re­spond­ing to your an­swers to fill in the name. So­lu­tion to­mor­row.

BOX 1:

Bri­tish singer Taio Cruz (pic­tured) co-wrote which of Will Young’s hits? Jeal­ousy (F) Leave Right Now (R) Your Game (L)

BOX 2:

Carry Fire is the ti­tle of the new al­bum from which Bri­tish singer? Robert Plant (A) Ozzy Os­bourne (G) Roger Dal­trey (H)

BOX 3:

Look­ing Glass (M) Rear View Mir­ror (T) Disco Ball (U)

Which of the fol­low­ing was a U.S. band whose hits in­cluded 1972’s Brandy (You’re A Fine Girl)?

the voice of Zach Cal­li­son?

Daniel Galaxy (E) Richard Cos­mos (F) Steven Uni­verse (Y)

BOX 5:

Which is a novel about real peo­ple with fake names? Ro­man A Clef (P) Bil­dungsro­man (L) Ro­man-fleuve (O)

BOX 6:

The late Jac­que­line du Pre was famed for play­ing what? Flute (G) Piano (M) Cello (I)

BOX 7:

Who wrote the 2015 novel The Buried Gi­ant? Paulo Coelho (K) Kazuo Ishig­uro (N) Khaled Hos­seini (I)

BOX 8:

Which of the fol­low­ing was the UK’s first daily TV soap, air­ing on ITV from 1955 to 1956? Penny Street (T) Half­penny Mar­ket (S) Six­penny Corner (E)

BOX 9:

Which U.S. singer had a 1988 hit with Tell It To My Heart? Tay­lor Dayne (A) Paula Ab­dul (H) Vanessa Wil­liams (X) Yes­ter­day’s an­swer: JANE FONDA (1J, 2E, 3D, 4O, 5F, 6A, 7N, 8N, 9A).

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