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LILIES are widely known to be toxic to cats. But tulips and other flow­ers such as hy­acinths are just as dan­ger­ous. They all con­tain tox­ins called lac­tones, which are poi­sonous to cats, dogs and horses.

The high­est con­cen­tra­tion of tox­ins are found in the bulbs but they can spread to any part of the plant.

Eat­ing them can leave cats suf­fer­ing di­ar­rhoea, vom­it­ing, seizures and ex­ces­sive drool­ing.

Large amounts can lead to an in­creased heart rate and dif­fi­culty breath­ing. Ur­gent treat­ment should be sought at the first sign of any of these symp­toms.

If you catch your cat nib­bling a tulip, they should be taken to the vet im­me­di­ately even if they don’t ap­pear to be ill.

Tulips can also be toxic to hu­mans. Peo­ple have re­ported symp­toms in­clud­ing dizzi­ness, ab­dom­i­nal pain and nau­sea af­ter eat­ing the flow­ers. One study found breath­ing prob­lems, sweat­ing and vom­it­ing be­gan within just ten min­utes of eat­ing tulips.


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