My ‘dead fin­ger’ agony: Snap that re­veals TV star Jenni’s bat­tle with bad cir­cu­la­tion

Daily Mail - - Confidential - By Laura Lambert TV and Ra­dio Re­porter

BY her own ad­mis­sion, it is a sight that might make some feel a lit­tle queasy.

But TV pre­sen­ter Jenni Fal­coner posted this pic­ture of what she de­scribes as ‘ dead man’s fin­ger’ to high­light her on­go­ing bat­tle with painful cir­cu­la­tory con­di­tion Ray­naud’s.

The 42-year-old’s pho­to­graph shows how her in­dex fin­ger turned com­pletely white in chilly weather due to re­stricted blood flow. Although she ap­peared to brush it off, say­ing that it is ‘what hap­pens when it’s cold’, she has pre­vi­ously said the pain can some­times be so bad she is re­duced to tears.

She cap­tioned the pic­ture: ‘This is my hand at its most at­trac­tive … Any­one else suf­fer with bad cir­cu­la­tion?’.

Miss Fal­coner suf­fers from pri­mary Ray­naud’s, which is thought to af­fect

‘The most painful part is the thaw’

up to ten mil­lion in Bri­tain, 90 per cent of them women. Symp­toms in­clude pain, numb­ness and fin­gers and toes chang­ing colour for as long as a few hours, while rare cases af­fect the lips, nose and ears. At­tacks of­ten be­gin in one fin­ger or toe and move to other fin­gers or toes.

Last night, the This Morn­ing and Heart FM ra­dio star opened up to the Mail about her bat­tle with the con­di­tion. She said: ‘I first be­came aware of my Ray­naud’s when my fin­gers turned white dur­ing a hockey match at school. I was 16.

‘The cold weather af­fects my cir­cu­la­tion and the blood doesn’t seem to reach ex­trem­i­ties like fin­gers and toes. Some peo­ple have it much worse, but for me, any time I’m out­side in cold weather, or even on a warm day when a cool gust of wind blows, I’m at risk of “dead man’s fin­gers”!

‘The most painful part is the thaw. When the blood starts re­turn­ing to your fin­ger or toe, you ex­pe­ri­ence an in­tense burn­ing pain which tin­gles.

‘To com­bat the Ray­naud’s, I find sheep­skin mitts and Ugg boots best in win­ter. And even in milder weather, I tend to run in gloves.’

The mother-of-one was flooded with sup­port on so­cial me­dia, with many thank­ing her for draw­ing at­ten­tion to the con­di­tion. Others sug­gested treat­ments, which ranged from herbal reme­dies to wear­ing sil­ver-lined gloves.

Long-term con­di­tion: Pre­sen­ter Jenni Fal­coner

Pain: The pic­ture she shared of her whitened fin­ger, caused by Ray­naud’s

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