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Is there a way to stop my age­ing hair look­ing so thin?

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QI’VE had the same side part­ing for years and I’m sure it’s be­com­ing wider, mak­ing my hair look thin­ner than it re­ally is. Will it grow back if I change my part­ing — or is there a way to spot-treat hair loss?

A‘ Part­ing your hair alone can­not af­fect hair loss,’ says tri­chol­o­gist iain Sal­lis (, who thinks you may be con­fused with some­thing called trac­tion alope­cia.

‘ Wear­ing your hair for pro­longed pe­ri­ods in tight styles that con­sis­tently pull on the fol­li­cle (hence the word “trac­tion”) can re­sult in lo­calised hair loss.

‘Styles such as corn­rows or high pony­tails can cre­ate this kind of ten­sion and prob­lem, but a nat­u­ral part­ing will not,’ he says.

if you do feel your part­ing is get­ting wider, this may be due to an un­der­ly­ing med­i­cal is­sue that might cause gen­eral thin­ning of the hair, which is then ex­ac­er­bat­ing the look of the part­ing.

iain ad­vises see­ing a qual­i­fied tri­chol­o­gist to di­ag­nose your sit­u­a­tion cor­rectly as a first port of call.

‘Us­ing any prod­uct or spot­treat­ment, such as re­growth lo­tions or spe­cial­ist sham­poos, may de­lay the right di­ag­no­sis,’ he warns.

He charges £ 125 for an ini­tial con­sul­ta­tion; around the coun­try, prices start at about £ 65. For a qual­i­fied prac­ti­tioner near you, con­sult tri­chol­o­

Inge­borg van LotrIn­gen is beauty di­rec­tor at Cos­mopoli­tan. email ques­tions to in­gevan lotrin­gen@dai­ly­

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