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1. Half of the pas­sen­gers on a train are wear­ing hats. Another two-ninths are wear­ing gloves and the re­main­ing 15 are wear­ing scarves. How many pas­sen­gers are on the bus al­to­gether? 2. What con­nects sun, at­las and cin­na­mon? 3. Which Mas­ter of the King’s/Queen’s Mu­sic might have RE­WARDED GAL? 4. Which is the odd one out: A Bend In The River, Shame, Imag­i­nary Home­lands, Mid­night’s Chil­dren? 5. Which three-let­ter word com­pletes the fol­low­ing longer words: ---k, af---d, ---ce, in---m?

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