Dyson’s new hot-air tongs cost a for­tune. But af­ter this real-life test, the in­ven­tor may want to look away ...

Daily Mail - - DR MAX - by Claire Cole­man & Jill Fos­ter

could you imag­ine spend­ing £450 on a hair gad­get? James dyson is hop­ing the an­swer is ‘Yes’. Be­cause ear­lier this week, he re­vealed the firm’s lat­est gad­get, the Air­wrap.

This magic- wand- like gizmo claims to do it all — curl, wave, straighten and blow dry, and all with­out the ex­treme heat gen­er­ated by other such tools.

Two years ago dyson un­veiled a £299 hairdryer, and de­spite be­ing the most ex­pen­sive ever sold in the uK it was a hit, boost­ing prof­its by 41 per cent year on year. The com­pany has now upped the ante with this new multi-task­ing styler.

Stag­ger­ing price tag aside, the num­bers sound im­pres­sive: six years, 642 pro­to­types and £24 mil­lion in the mak­ing.

un­til now, hair- styling de­vices have ei­ther been, to put it crudely, bits of metal that heat up — think tongs and straight­en­ers — or things that blow out hot air with an in­te­grated brush that you ei­ther have to man­u­ally wrap the hair around, or use a mo­tor to help it ro­tate.

The Air­wrap, how­ever, uses a minia­ture mo­tor to force high ve­loc­ity jets of air from six slots around the bar­rel. These jets then cre­ate a vor­tex that wraps around the bar­rel — draw­ing in damp hair (yes damp, un­like other curlers, there’s no need to dry hair be­fore). once dry, you flick the tem­per­a­ture switch to cool to fix the curl. The in­ter­change­able bar­rels come in two ver­sions — one which curls hair clock­wise, and an­other an­ti­clock­wise so you are able to use it on both sides to get a sym­met­ri­cal look.

But it’s not just for curls. The styler comes with a range of at­tach­ments. There’s a ba­sic dry­ing head, flat brushes for cre­at­ing a smooth look, and a round brush for vo­lu­mis­ing. While styling de­vices for dry hair have to func­tion at tem­per­a­tures from 185c to 230c to cre­ate a curl, be­cause the dyson styler is for damp hair it never gets above 150c — mean­ing less hair dam­age.

To re­ally put it through its paces, we asked five women, with dif­fer­ent hair types, to give it a go with the help of our stylist, Kerry Septem­ber. Here’s how they got on . . .

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