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Capri­corn Dec 22 –Jan 20

One as­so­ci­a­tion should add a new di­men­sion to your life. This may cause some fric­tion among your other friends. Of course, this will only make you adore some­one all the more. As for the week­end, you will rarely stray from home. Mean­while there is a jolly time in store tonight.

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Aquar­ius Jan 21–Feb 19

You may be wait­ing for the out­come of a pri­vate or pro­fes­sional matter. Any move­ment there? There is no time frame. It would be more pru­dent to book a mini break, and keep track of events on your trav­els. An­tic­i­pate some new de­vel­op­ment be­fore you leave for the week­end.

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Pisces Feb 20–Mar 20

It’s en­tirely pos­si­ble you’ll re­main good friends with some­body. Mean­while, you fully in­tend to broaden your per­sonal hori­zons, spread your wings or widen your so­cial cir­cle. And, be­hold who turns up as you are about go home! That is one more stop in what’s been a hectic week.

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Aries March 21–April 20

There has been a strange turn of events as far as your fu­ture is con­cerned. At present, how­ever, you are not sure if an ar­range­ment is for the best. As Uranus in Aries is about to link up with Saturn, you shouldn’t de­cide any­thing un­til you ar­rive back from a trip.

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Tau­rus April 21–May 21

An emo­tional re­union may have al­ready taken place.

You still need to be nim­ble and not let oth­ers out of your sight. At any rate, some ef­fort is in­volved on your part. How­ever, don’t frit­ter away your time to­day. There may be a bit of un­fin­ished busi­ness to at­tend to.

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Gem­ini May 22–June 20

A deal may prove hard to re­sist. True, you will have to use your charm or twist a few arms if you want the busi­ness. Mean­while, with Saturn link­ing up with Uranus, all should be love­li­ness on the per­sonal front this week­end. Re­duc­ing your list of friends is a must though.

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Can­cer June 21–July 22

Your re­la­tion­ship sta­tus is cu­ri­ous – though lone­li­ness is not the is­sue. You should cease wor­ry­ing and stop say­ing sorry, even though things may have got messy re­cently. In fact, this should be a time of re­newed hap­pi­ness. How­ever, you mustn’t be lazy at work. This is not a day to re­lax.

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Leo July 23–Au­gust 22

You seem to have been in the dog­house or hav­ing to clean up some­one’s mess. What a job that was! Whilst this may not be a time of do­mes­tic bliss, your hard work should bring some hap­pi­ness. Then turn your at­ten­tion to some­one who is fly­ing in for the week­end.

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Virgo Aug 23–Sept 22

You may have planned not to see some­one, what with your busy sched­ule. Love won’t keep you apart. Hav­ing been re­united you seem to be on your own again. This could ben­e­fit you. Above all you could be han­ker­ing for some peace at home, which is where char­ity be­gins this week­end. For more call 0903 658 1009

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Li­bra Sept 23–Oct 23

You may have to use part of your house­hold bud­get for dif­fer­ent items. These could best be de­scribed as waste­ful temp­ta­tions. Mean­while, a flood of of­fers or in­vi­ta­tions will come in be­tween now and the week­end.

You could be so en­chanted you spend all your money again.

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Scor­pio Oct 24–Nov 22

There was more in­ter­ac­tion. But, maybe you should de­lay mak­ing a de­ci­sion about a per­sonal matter. As for ac­cept­ing an of­fer of a date, that is up to you. A real achieve­ment, if you didn’t. Right now there’s no rest from your labours. Though the work­ing week should end well.

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Sagit­tar­ius Nov 23 –Dec 21

By na­ture you are rel­a­tively at­tracted to tak­ing risks. Now how­ever, you pre­fer to play safe. In fact, you could be in a bit of a panic. Not so, when it comes to a ro­man­tic in­ter­est. It will be a rare Sagit­tar­ian who doesn’t take a gi­ant leap of faith this week­end so be ready to be swept away.

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