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Dear Coleen

My hus­band treats me ap­pallingly – as a ser­vant, house­wife and mother all rolled into one. He gets home from work at 4pm and wants me to make him food im­me­di­ately, put on his video game, take off his boots and so on.

I try to ob­ject and he just com­plains and says, “Please, please, please!” un­til I do it. Some­times he guilt trips me into do­ing it.

How can I stop this? I can’t re­ally leave him for weeks or even days to make my point, as we’ve just got a new puppy and I don’t know where I could go where she’d be wel­come, too. I’m mis­er­able – what do you sug­gest?

Coleen says

Um, just say no and then don’t do it. It’s re­ally not that dif­fi­cult. I don’t un­der­stand why you’re scared of do­ing that – or are you?

He needs to re­alise that you’re not his mother and if she brought him up to ex­pect to be treated like that, then she should be ashamed of her­self.

Peo­ple don’t stay to­gether be­cause of pup­pies, but if you don’t want to move out, then say no to him act­ing like a child and have a proper dis­cus­sion about how you’re liv­ing and the way you should be treat­ing each other.

Your mar­riage should be a part­ner­ship – you should be work­ing as a team. And don’t use the puppy as an ex­cuse not to do any­thing about it.

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