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Crikey! Once you start a de­bate about good/bad cy­clists, it’s like a never-end­ing spin­ning wheel: Fiona, hav­ing been a run­ner, now a cy­clist, for many years, I al­ways try to be safe and watch out for pedes­tri­ans and other road users. You get one per­son who up­sets peo­ple and ev­ery­one jumps on the band­wagon. Cy­clists, walk­ers and run­ners are keep­ing fit and healthy, and are not cre­at­ing toxic fumes. Fewer cy­clists equals more cars, more un­healthy peo­ple. I’ve been knocked off my bike and had things thrown at me from cars. Give us a chance. Don’t knock the 99% be­cause of the bad 1%. Ken Wolfe, via email

Fiona, as a keen cy­clist noth­ing winds me up more than see­ing fully grown men cy­cling on the pave­ment, usu­ally to avoid hav­ing to wait at a cross­ing, set of lights etc. Just to con­firm, for all you non-cy­clists out there, we are not all wal­lies. Hon­est! Dar­ren Ri­ley, via email

Fiona, I had to laugh read­ing let­ters from irate cy­clists on your page last week. The fol­low­ing day the Iron­man Chal­lenge Wales was held in Tenby. While walk­ing through the town, one of them came past, push­ing his bike, then sud­denly turned right in front of me. Luck­ily, I man­aged to stop as I’m sure any col­li­sion would have been my fault. When we got back to the ho­tel, another one was work­ing on his bike. Not out­side, but in­side, by re­cep­tion. He looked quite put out when I dared to (po­litely) ask him to move. What can I say? I’m self­ish. Sally O’Ma­hony via email

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