Dyson’s de­signs on a bright fu­ture

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IF I hear one more par­ent tell me their child’s “off to uni”, I might have to scream. Good for them, though. Well done and all that. Any old fool can get into uni now, but a pat on the back any­way.

“Yes, he’s read­ing clas­sics.” Couldn’t he have done that at home in his bed­room?

“She’s chang­ing cour­ses this year, the first year was im­pos­si­ble and she found the ex­ams re­ally hard, so she’s swap­ping to Me­dia Stud­ies.” Of course she is. Didn’t she have a gap year, too?

Uni­ver­sity, huh? It’s not what it used to be, as peo­ple far older than me would say.

When I did my de­gree – English, easy op­tion, any old fool etc – only 5% of school leavers went to uni­ver­sity. Most of them stud­ied use­ful de­grees such as medicine, law, ar­chi­tec­ture or en­gi­neer­ing.

There was no fan­ny­ing around with Amer­i­can Stud­ies, Celtic Stud­ies or, in­deed, any­thing with Stud­ies on the end, all of which you could learn by read­ing a good book on the sub­ject, which might take a week in­stead of three years (and the same goes for English tbh).

Ev­ery par­ent I know of an 18year-old is pack­ing their young per­son off to uni­ver­sity. I am not. Don’t ask. Academia’s not for ev­ery­one. Ahem.

On Thurs­day some lucky stu­dents, all ta­lented en­gi­neer­ing un­der­grad­u­ates, be­came the first in­take at the Dyson In­sti­tute of En­gi­neer­ing and Tech­nol­ogy, James Dyson’s pas­sion project to over­come the UK’s short­age of world­beat­ing en­gi­neers.

That man is a ge­nius. I think it each time I dry my hair in record­time with his hairdryer or vacuum the car­pets and floors with his stylish Ab­so­lute V8 beast of a sucker.

Sir James’ stu­dents will not have to pay uni­ver­sity fees. He’s got them cov­ered. They’ll be on a £15,500 start­ing salary – yes, they’re be­ing PAID to study – will leave debt-free and walk into well-paid, cre­ative, much­needed, ever-chang­ing, sat­is­fy­ing ca­reers. Some of their de­signs will be­come fu­ture clas­sics.

Mean­while, for ex­am­ple, three years study­ing Clas­sics and An­cient His­tory at the Uni­ver­sity of Ex­eter, ac­cord­ing to their tan­ta­lis­ing on­line prospec­tus, “will put you in an ex­cel­lent po­si­tion to pur­sue post­grad­u­ate study af­ter you have grad­u­ated”. Oh.

At this point I just want to say that James Dyson is the UK’s Steve Jobs. We do not ap­pre­ci­ate him enough. The stu­dents at his col­lege are set up for life.

They will be in­debted to him. Rather than to their bank man­agers. Ge­nius.

His stu­dents are PAID to study and will have a great ca­reer

GE­NIUS Sir James Dyson

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