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wood than plas­tic by Ben Shep­hard and Kate Gar­roway) re­port­ing on the lat­est at­tack from the four-armed Lord Gar­madon (Th­er­oux) – a Darth Vader-like crime lord who lives with his hench­man in an eas­ily com­mutable vol­cano lo­cated a mile or so off­shore.

These at­tacks seem to be reg­u­lar oc­cur­rences and they al­ways seem to end the same way – be­ing thwarted by a gang of masked, colour-coded, el­e­ment-themed teenage, but not mu­tant, he­roes.

There’s red fire ninja Kai (Michael Pena), black earth ninja Cole (Fred Ar­misen), blue light­ning ninja Jay (Ku­mail Nan­jiani), grey wa­ter ninja Nya (Abbi Ja­cob­son), and white ice an­droid ninja Zane (Zach Woods).

At the bot­tom of the pile is the con­fused green ninja, Lloyd, whose ter­ri­fy­ing el­e­men­tal power is “green”.

That’s the least of his wor­ries. Lloyd is the es­tranged son of Gar­madon, right, which makes rid­ing the school bus a very lonely ex­pe­ri­ence.

Lloyd and his fa­ther have is­sues, which are hi­lar­i­ously re­vealed in an early scene where the crime lord ac­ci­dently “butt phones” his son on his birth­day.

“You can’t be my son,” Gar­madon says to an ex­pec­tant Lloyd on Skype, “he has a bald head and no teeth”.

Clearly, it’s been a while. And the pair’s spiky re­la­tion­ship pro­vides big laughs as they are thrown to­gether on a quest to find the “ul­ti­mate, Ul­ti­mate Weapon”.

“You ru­ined my life,” Lloyd tells him. “Well, that’s not true,” Gar­madon growls. “I wasn’t even there for most of your life, so how can I have ru­ined it?”

Th­er­oux isn’t known for his comic tim­ing, but he grabs his op­por­tu­nity with both, weirdly cupped, hands.

Kids should love the Lego, the ac­tion and the slap­stick. For adults, there’s some brilliantly writ­ten and some sur­pris­ingly edgy di­a­logue.

This grown-up laughed more times at this than he did at Will Ferrell’s The House and Amy Schumer’s Snatched put to­gether.

It’s not been a vin­tage year for com­edy, but The Lego Nin­jago Movie could be the fun­ni­est film of 2017.

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