RUS­SIA WORLD UP 2018 WE LOVE TO PLAY AWAY! Fans look to score with a stun­ner


THOU­SANDS of Eng­land fans head­ing to the World Cup are go­ing for the sex and not the foot­ball.

De­spite fears of clashes with Rus­sian thugs, Three Lions sup­port­ers said they are more in­ter­ested in meet­ing ladies.

One third of Eng­land fa­nat­ics head­ing to Rus­sia have ad­mit­ted they plan on play­ing away from home. They said it was their main rea­son for go­ing to Rus­sia.

Watch­ing Gareth South­gate’s team, who face Tu­nisia first, only ranked fourth on their list of rea­sons for mak­ing the trip.

A stag­ger­ing 33 per cent said their top pri­or­ity was to “min­gle with lo­cal women” with a view to hav­ing sex.

A fur­ther 33 per cent said it was be­cause Rus­sian girls are “very pretty”. And 32 per cent said be­ing far from home would be a “great op­por­tu­nity to get away with things” they couldn’t in the UK.

Of the 33 per cent who wanted to meet women, al­most half claimed they were con­fi­dent they’d have sex.

And of those, 82 per cent re­vealed they were in a re­la­tion­ship and just 18 per cent were sin­gle.

Only 18 per cent said they were ac­tu­ally go­ing for the foot­ball.

Some 20 per cent said they were go­ing to get drunk and 22 per cent said they wanted to have fun with their mates. The av­er­age male fan plans on spend­ing £1,500 on the trip. Post­man Del Rogers of Rom­ford, Es­sex, said: “This will be my third World Cup and I know from pre­vi­ous ex­pe­ri­ence we will meet a lot of ladies.

“Let’s face it, if the team doesn’t per­form we have to get some fun some­where. We could do a lot to im­prove re­la­tions with Putin.”

The web­site Casi­noBiggestBonus. com asked 2,412 UK men why they were go­ing to Rus­sia.

Spokesman John Pentin said: “It’s in­ter­est­ing to see that de­spite what they might be say­ing at home most Bri­tish men are look­ing for­ward to the World Cup in Rus­sia for rea­sons other than sim­ply foot­ball.”

Some 42 per cent said they were con­fi­dent Eng­land would get past the group stage.

But just 10 per cent thought they would win the World Cup, while 21 per cent feared there would be crowd trou­ble.

RANDY footie fans may be forced to score with life-sized sex dolls af­ter pros­ti­tutes were warned to stay away from host cities. Sex mod­els, like the one shown here at the Lu­mi­dolls Sex Ho­tel in Moscow, will be on hand to sat­isfy randy blokes.

And boss Dim­itry Alexan­drov ex­pects to do a roar­ing trade over the next month. Pun­ters will pay around £60 for an hour’s fun. Dim­itry said: “When we’re talk­ing about sex dolls, it’s not cheat­ing for most cou­ples.”

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