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kate price, here we go again just got to be in the news. So in­se­cure be­yond be­lief, just have a break from men and con­cen­trate on bring­ing your kids up, but there again what chance have they with a mother like you. big ben, donny Kate price is just fame hun­gry and she will will say/do any­thing 2 keep in the head­lines. Sad re­ally how low peo­ple will go!!! no name Oh dear. yet an­other mar­riage over for des­per­ate Kate Price. I smell an­other book round the cor­ner! SAW Re Kate Price mar­riage break­down: An­other book and hus­band will soon fol­low no doubt. LEO F Kate Price says she’ll be wed again in 5wks time. That’s a long time by her stan­dards, she will be say­ing she’s be­com­ing a nun next. AL, DURHAM Is it only me that thinks Kate Price is mor­ph­ing into Pete Burns!! Jeff What is Kate Price do­ing to her­self ? She’s mor­ph­ing into Barbara Cart­land. Den, Perth why does that Jor­dan woman get air­time! You need help. Lo­ry­paul Brand guru Mar­cel Kno­bil is quoted as say­ing the Amer­i­cans are keep­ing a watch­ful eye on po­ten­tial tal­ent, re­fer­ring to Sarah Hard­ing. What planet is he liv­ing on men­tion­ing Drama Queen Sarah and tal­ent in the same sen­tence. She needs help, not greedy agents who will un­doubt­edly send her into an­other melt­down af­ter cash­ing in. Quinny, Mid­dle­ton To Billy Sharp, sufc and blades fans. So sorry for that Twit­ter t***er Jor­dan Byrne’s tweet. Glad DCFC banned him. All the best to you and your fam­ily. Ps. Please leave your shoot­ing boots at home when you come to the ipro. PAT THE CAT No won­der the 2 For­est sup­port­ers were fight­ing over a pie, when I was last up there all they sold were “Chip But­ties”. LON­DON LAD all poverty an starv­ing chil­dren ad­verts on telly askin for money aid to get food sup­plys an wot der we see on brecky telly a wagon load of id­iots in Spain div­ing around in a load of toma­toes (La To­matina food fight fes­ti­val). Typ­i­cal span­ish like that crap idea of sport killing and tor­tur­ing bulls. bt rochdale What does May do next? Re­peats the same stupid bloody ges­ture in the Public Sec­tor! ‘badly done to’ fat­cats scream­ing for par­ity of pay. Con­clu­sion: Public will have to pay ex­tra for goods to bring that par­ity. Mrs.May, in fu­ture, please en­gage brain be­fore op­er­at­ing mouth. Thankyou. Bro­mull The UN Se­cu­rity Council is just a MON­KEYS TEA PARTY that is cost­ing the Bri­tish tax payer a for­tune. Once again it has failed to act against a dic­ta­tor­ship, North Korea. The Rus­sians shot down a pas­sen­ger plane killing nearly 300 peo­ple and the MON­KEYS TEA PARTY let them off the hook as well. Needs to grow a back­bone. Simeon Scott, Egre­mont, Cum­bria The ugly face of EU spend­ing: French Pres­i­dent Macron spent £24000 on makeup in his first three months in of­fice. Duffy Jean Claude Juncker is 100% cor­rect. David Davis some­thing for noth­ing pol­icy pa­pers are em­bar­rass­ing. Seabird Is it me? Or is Kim Jong Un like the car­toon char­ac­ter Bat Mite? Lit­tle ag­gres­sive guy throw­ing his weight around? Ev­ery one laugh­ing at him? BigYogi To Tugg; it’s nice to know there’s an on the spot fine of 30 for cy­cling in the pave­ment, but who’s go­ing to en­force it? There’s no po­lice on the streets around my way, ever. CHARL­TON GARRY Ofgem are a waste of space they do ab­so­lutely noth­ing over en­ergy prices. Earn your money and do some­thing about it. SCOUSE Backed a horse called dom­i­na­tion. It came last, jockey dropped his whip. WIPKRAKAWAY Why are ghosts bad at telling lies? Coz u can see right through them. Spec­tre My 1st job was a boating lake trainee. I called in boats nos when time ended by mega­fone. My 1st call was, “come in no.61, your time is up”. Boss said, “we don’t have a no.61”. Oh! “Are u in trou­ble no.19?” Me sacked. Biffo my mate builds yachts in his at­tic – sails have gone through the roof. badger need to go to spec­savers. took me ticket to book­ies bloke told me you put may­weather to win strictly an deb­bie mcgee to take out mcgre­gor in the 8th round. Momma Towel I re­ally en­joy watch­ing the box­ing on tv, I also love watch­ing UFC! But which is the best?? Only one way to find out!! “FIGHT!!” Jawtree “Rub­ber Duck wheres your sta­tus?” “I’m in bath”. RODGER AND OUT The Great Bri­tish Bake Off was OK. But i still missed Mary Berry and Mel and Sue with their naughty in­nu­en­dos. It’s ba­si­cally the same but on chan­nel four with breaks. Marie Billing­ham Bake off just as good, if not bet­ter, ex­cept for one thing. BLOODY AD­VERTS. Still do what I usu­ally do, record it and wind through them, sorted. Moose­man That Noel Field­ing fella scares the life out of me. PUBLUNCH wot can i say bout richard made­ley – come bak jezza all is for­given. stocky shell Quiz Im­pos­si­ble: My God what a bor­ing voice pre­sen­ter Rick Ed­wards has. Sends you to sleep. no name it’s taken a long time, but Sharon Os­bourne has fi­nally re­alised that no­body wants or needs her, so please go away. Jonny lad What are your favourite tracks over 10 min­utes long? Mine are “Dark Star” by The Grate­ful Dead and “In A Gadda Da Vida” by Iron But­ter­fly. HIPPY BRUM I won­der how “stars” would fare if only SALES of sin­gles were to count to­wards the Sin­gles Chart, as it used to be? Dis­re­gard down­loads, etc. Brian TROU­BLE get­ting hold of your Daily Star? Let us know where and when by text, us­ing the de­tails at the top of the page.

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