Ti­ta­nium is one of the strong­est yet light­est of met­als, used in ev­ery­thing from jet en­gines to space­craft. It’s the cutting edge so­lu­tion to so many in­dus­trial co­nun­drums – and now it’s go­ing to help your dodgy knee.

Its im­mense strength can keep you up and run­ning (and kick­ing and cy­cling and golf­ing) yet there’s more to it than that.

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Ti­ta­nium is used for sur­gi­cal im­plants as it is hy­poal­ler­genic, but re­cent stud­ies have shown that wear­ing ti­ta­nium can it­self re­lieve pain. Braces worn near an in­jury or other dis­com­fort have had such a pos­i­tive ef­fect that ath­letes – both pro­fes­sional and recre­ational – have been dis­card­ing con­strict­ing, heavy-duty braces for light­weight, flex­i­ble ones.

Knee in­juries are a grow­ing prob­lem as we be­come more ac­tive, pound­ing the foot­paths while jog­ging, twist­ing and turn­ing as we try to em­u­late Mur­ray and Konta on the ten­nis courts and oth­er­wise work­ing out in the gym. Foot­ball is also a cul­prit with more and more of us con­tin­u­ing to play past our prime, of­ten on the un­for­giv­ing sur­face of ar­ti­fi­cial five-a-side pitches and, equally of­ten, in the evening when we’re tired af­ter a hard day’s work.

Changes in our sport­ing habits have meant changes in med­i­cal equip­ment to keep up with them. The most in­no­va­tive piece of gear is the Max Knee Sup­port which uses neo­prene – the rub­ber­like fab­ric used in wet­suits and other pro­tec­tive cloth­ing – in­fused with ti­ta­nium. The neo­prene keeps the joint and sur­round­ing mus­cles warm and com­fort­able while the ti­ta­nium of­fers strength and sup­port.

The Max has a re­mov­able cover for the patella – the knee it­self – al­low­ing ease of move­ment while you are ac­tive yet still sup­port­ing the area around it. The re­sult is swift pain re­lief com­bined with im­pres­sive re­cov­ery from in­jury. It’s easy to fit with a sim­ple Vel­cro fas­ten­ing and the ad­justable strap lets you in­crease and re­duce sup­port as needed, par­tic­u­larly im­por­tant if the knee is swollen. It’s ideal for use both when train­ing or play­ing sport and for every­day wear to help re­cov­ery af­ter in­jury. Not only is the Max light­weight it is also com­pact so it can be worn un­der a track­suit while you play just about any sport, or street clothes as it is per­fect for re­duc­ing pain from every­day life.

If you’re liv­ing life to the max, the Max Knee Sup­port lets you walk tall no mat­ter how stren­u­ous your work­outs…

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