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Hos­pi­tal car park­ing charges: Good to hear MP Robert Hal­fon call­ing to scrap em. If ure work­ing, vis­it­ing or got ap­point­ment, u shud pay noth­ing, so long as u keep clear of docs, nurses, am­bu­lance bays! Pat. T. Wells my god we have a politi­cian with a pair of tes­ti­cles in New De­fence Sec­re­tary Gavin Wil­liamson who has the guts to say he’ll hunt down n kill brit born IS traitors. Light at the end of a dark tun­nel for once! Jimmy wi­gan You know this coun­try’s be­yond pa­thetic when some se­nile old coot gives a piece of s***, who should have been de­ported years ago, 80,000! Then you read of some poor teacher get­ting sus­pended be­cause he couldn’t tell whether it’s a flamin’ boy or a girl! The id­iots who sus­pended him should be sacked im­me­di­ately! The PC lame­brains have gone too far! Wake up Bri­tain be­fore it’s too late! pall - Hull Hope gov­ern­ment & do good­ers watched ITV4 about al­bany jail in usa. No priv­i­leges 10yrs means 10yrs life means life. Proper way to treat killers & abusers. PATTENMAN The killer of the teacher Ann Maguire has been sen­tenced 20 years, great train robbers 30 years – is money worth more than some­ones life? al­phaone Selby The woman is not in a SAUDI jail. She is in IRAN. She has also been there nearly 2 years. Through his gaffe, boris has raised the pro­file, so maybe it will help in the long run. Bob spot on all your txts about Somali crim­i­nal get­ting compo from tax­pay­ers! The slimy cow­ards that al­lowed that to hap­pen should be pub­licly shamed. mac Ger­many & France wouldn’t dare stop trad­ing with UK. We’ve got them over a bar­rel. JUST WALK AWAY NOW and don’t pay a penny. SCOUSE Theresa May needs to crack down on Michael Gove he is say­ing he sup­ports her but ev­ery chance he gets he is urg­ing a no deal brexit and try­ing to un­der­mine her. Dave B I am a taxi driver do­ing mainly air­port work and in the last 6 months I have been told by my pas­sen­gers from dif­fer­ent Euro­pean coun­trys that every­one is laugh­ing at Bri­tain, we are a com­plete joke to the rest of them and I couldn’t agree more. Geoff hav­ing just watched a re­port from covent gar­den on Christ­mas trees it amused me just how much ear­lier the whole Christ­mas thing is get­ting. Our lo­cal su­permrkt started mid sept stack­ing the large tins and boxes of sweets by the check­outs, for Gods sake ease off, it’s get­ting ridicu­lous. robtin Good luck to Sarah Moore who gave up her city life to live on a tiny scot­tish is­land. I wish I had done that years ago as our coun­try has changed so much you dont know who is friend or foe now. NAR­ROW­BOAT David Beck­ham be­ing paid 1.5mil­lion a word in BT ad­vert and speaks 10 words, for 15,2 mil­lion, he can’t string a sen­tence to­gether. Stock­ton jeff it’s bad enough see­ing Gary Linek­ers smug boat ev­ery time there’s a Walk­ers ad on tv but whose idea was it to put his four sons in the cur­rent cam­paign? One Lineker is more than enough thank you. gts 70s rock bands: I think GE­ORDIE should be up there with the greats. Knock spots off today’s so called bands. Check them out. Tony WBA fan boo­gie man, saw orig­i­nal quo line-up twice. Fan­tas­tic loud rock. Lan­caster left be­cos they went from pure rock 2 pop­tas­tic, not nice. Close 2 the edge, saw awe­some Yes gig in cal­i­for­nia, true prog rock class. Ban­ta­man I agree with Ginny P too about Scott Walker and his gor­geous voice. Adored it from when i was 16 and now 68. Avon call­ing many great prog rock bands at my lo­cal club in 70’s and 80’s any­one re­mem­ber these, Trapeze, Vine­gar Joe, Budgie, U.F.O, Snafu, Strife, Stray and many more great era for mu­sic. Tony I luv 60’s + 70’s shows on ITV4 eg. BUT 3 re­peats IN A ROW of episode ‘Coun­try Boy’ of The Sweeney is 2 MUCH of a gd thng!! Anon, Ystrad my niece asked me why was the 90s known as the noughties I replied be­cause when rap mu­sic came along there was a lot of bad lan­guage. She said ‘oh in the lyrics’. I said ‘no when it was played on the ra­dio peo­ple would say what’s that f ***** g s *** e’. Jim an ush­erette is a girl who is paid to put men in there place. MRS ARTHUR BREXIT flat­tery is telling the other man pre­cisely what he thinks about him­self. COS­MIC KAY Heard about the shrimp who went 2 a prawn cock­tail party? It pulled a mus­sel. Cock­le­doo Re Holly and Phil on This Morn­ing. Surely they should play devils ad­vo­cate rather than give us their per­sonal views. The in­ter­view with a sus­pended teacher over trans­gen­der is­sues was hard to watch they where far too ag­gres­sive. It’s the norm to thrust their own views at the guests. Very un­pro­fes­sional. Pos­i­tive t amir khan in the jun­gle: he should be in the ring never go­ing in the jun­gle, he hasn’t fought for ages, be open­ing bingo halls next. big ben Amir Khan has a kan­ga­roo’s chance of win­ning I’m a Celebrity. While a kangeroo has ev­ery chance win­ning an Amir Khan box­ing match. Ed Chat Strictly: Ruth Langs­ford out. Just goes to show how RUTH­less strictly is now. AL, DURHAM why is our li­cence fee be­ing used to ad­ver­tise pop stars when they re­lease new al­bums IE Sam SMITH etc no won­der there pop­u­lar. tubby leven Own up! Who gave Robert Pre­ston (Cor­rie) a bot­tle of Gre­cian 2000? Avon call­ing Snooker on ITV great, no bab­bling Thorne or Virgo shout­ing where’s the white go­ing or say­ing what shot will be next. Bet­ter than BBC and not so many so called pun­dits cost­ing a for­tune. Tjp wolves TROUBLE get­ting hold of your Daily Star? Let us know where and when by text, us­ing the de­tails at the top of the page.

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