Highly Rec­om­mended (con­tin­ued) 90–94pts

Decanter - - PANEL TASTING -

Do­maine de L’Amauve, La Dau­rèle, Côtes du Rhône Vil­lages Séguret 2016 91 SF 92 LR 89 MW 91 £14.95

Earle Wines At­trac­tive aro­mat­ics of lime and el­der­flower frame a hint of jas­mine on the nose, then the palate is lifted by an in­tense apri­cot fruit that’s well in­te­grated, com­ple­ment­ing its long fin­ish.

Drink 2017-2019 Alc 13% Mas Car­lot, Costières de Nîmes 2016 91 SF 92 LR 90 MW 92 £11-£11.25

H2Vin, Terra Wines, Vagabond A fas­ci­nat­ing blend. Fresh and blos­somy, broad and flow­ing with good con­cen­tra­tion and bal­ance. It has a long, min­eral-driven fin­ish, com­plete, har­mo­nious and de­li­cious. This is an ex­cel­lent ex­am­ple. Drink 2017-2019 Alc 13.5% Château Ju­ve­nal, Les Ribes du Val­lat, Ven­toux 2015 90 SF 92 LR 90 MW 89 £12.60 The Big Red Wine Co Calls to mind sum­mer Mediter­ranean mead­ows and freshly mown grass. Peach, apri­cot and mango fruits dom­i­nate the palate, com­ple­mented by a rich, oily, tex­tured fin­ish.

Drink 2017-2022 Alc 13.5% Do­maine Brus­set, L’Esprit de Papet, Cairanne 2015 90 SF 90 LR 92 MW 88 £18 The Big Red Wine Co An unashamedly he­do­nis­tic wine, this is ful­some and hon­eyed with patis­serie-like char­ac­ter. There’s an ex­tra layer of re­fined, smoky fruits and a fresh cit­ric fin­ish, leav­ing the palate cleansed. Drink 2017-2020 Alc 14% Do­maine Gi­raud, Les Gal­li­mardes, Châteauneuf-duPape 2016 91 SF 90 LR 90 MW 94 N/A UK

www.do­maine­gi­raud.fr Lime leaf, cit­rus pith and sub­tle grainy oak spice open this wine, fol­lowed by a scenic or­chard of Con­fer­ence pears and finely de­fined acid. It’s very ap­petis­ing and drink­able. Drink 2017-2024 Alc 14.5% Tardieu-Lau­rent, Guy Louis, Côtes du Rhône 2015 91 SF 90 LR 92 MW 90 £17.35 Cor­ney & Barrow Fresh on the nose with oak spice. It has a cit­ric grip; crab-ap­ple, gorse and green­gage in sup­port; finely etched acid­ity runs through its veins. Drink 2017-2019 Alc 14% Château L’Er­mitage, Ste Cé­cile Blanc, Costières de Nîmes 2016 90 SF 91 LR 89 MW 91 £15 Boutinot, Kings­bridge Wine Room, Noble Green, Noel Young, Tay­lors of Tick­hill, The Vine­yard, Wine Utopia In­dul­gent, with creamy oak ap­par­ent. It’s full-bod­ied, with am­ple, con­cen­trated, juicy nec­tarine and pear fruit. It has a long, nat­u­ral, acidic fin­ish. Drink 2017-2022 Alc 13.5% Do­maine Chante Ci­gale, Châteauneuf-du-Pape 2016 90 SF 89 LR 89 MW 92 £23-£24 Boutinot, Blas ar Fwyd, D Byrne & Co, Exel, Fen­wick, Mill Hill Wines, ND John, Pri­ory Wines, St An­drews Wine Co, Vi­nomondo, WoodWin­ters Aro­mas of lime blos­som and straw. The rich palate brims with acid­ity, herbs of thyme and rose­mary, and fruits. Drink 2017-2022 Alc 14% Les Dauphins, Réserve, Côtes du Rhône 2015 91 SF 91 LR 90 MW 91 £7.99

Asda, Tesco This is a solid ex­am­ple of a Côtes du Rhône with hints of el­der­flower cor­dial and lime. The fin­ish is long and de­fined and there is some tex­tu­ral grain, like pear flesh, that gives it struc­ture, as well as a cleans­ing drink­a­bil­ity.

Drink 2017-2019 Alc 13% Château de Vaudieu, Clos du Belvédère, Châteauneuf-du-Pape 2016 90 SF 89 LR 88 MW 92 POA

Lib­erty Wines Baked or­ange peel on the nose, fol­lowed by red ap­ple and yel­low pear. Full-bod­ied and richly con­cen­trated with am­ple acid­ity and vi­brancy. Drink 2017-2022 Alc 14.5% Château Six­tine, Châteauneufdu-Pape 2016 90 SF 91 LR 89 MW 89 £30 (2015)

Laith­waite’s This wine is bright in colour and en­er­getic in tem­per­a­ment; or­chard fruits and soft spice are in ev­i­dence. Pear fruit, hints of green­gage and a mod­est chalky lift. There’s pierc­ing acid­ity run­ning through it, bring­ing bal­ance and a long fin­ish. Drink 2017-2023 Alc 14.5% Do­maine de la Janasse, Côtes du Rhône 2015 90 SF 88 LR 90 MW 91 £14.13

Exel This is a rich and ex­pres­sive wine that has notes of el­der­berry, hon­ey­suckle and lime all in ev­i­dence. The fin­ish is creamy and tex­tured, nicely topped off with a dash of pear com­pote. It’s a well-judged and un­forced style. Drink 2017-2019 Alc 13.5% ➢

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