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(con­tin­ued) 90–94pts

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The Dar­ling, Or­ganic, Marl­bor­ough 2016 91 MB 95 BC 91 CD 88 £17.99 Ocado This flinty, crunchy and all-round ap­peal­ing wine has aro­mas and flavours of peaches and ap­ples. It re­tains its va­ri­etal char­ac­ter of cap­sicum and tree fruit. A bal­anced wine.

Drink 2017-2021 Alc 13.5%

Delta, Marl­bor­ough 2016 90 MB 95 BC 86 CD 90 £13.99 Hay Wines, The New Zealand House of Wine A clas­sic bou­quet of ripe pink grape­fruit, crisp ap­ple and a layer of trop­i­cal fruit; juicy, fresh, vi­brant and with just enough con­cen­tra­tion. Bags of per­son­al­ity. Drink 2017-2021 Alc 13%

Hãhã, Marl­bor­ough 2016 90 MB 92 BC 88 CD 91 £11.50-£15 Imperial Wine Co, Vi­nar­ius, VinumTerra This has real guava en­tice­ment. The bou­quet is full of ripe cit­rus and tree fruits. Ripe lemon and grape­fruit, some sweet herb and a touch of flint make this a con­cen­trated, en­er­getic and clean wine. Drink 2017-2021 Alc 13%

Pal­liser Estate, Mart­in­bor­ough, Wairarapa 2016 90 MB 88 BC 90 CD 93 £15.20 The New Zealand Cel­lar This is a very fruity wine with plenty of fruit con­cen­tra­tion, spice and lees char­ac­ter­is­tics on the nose and mouth. Lime, nec­tarine, lemon and white peach are just some of the flavours that con­tinue through the palate and on to the fin­ish. Drink 2017-2023 Alc 13.5%

Waipara Springs, Waipara Val­ley, North Can­ter­bury 2015 91 MB 88 BC 92 CD 92 £13.10 D Byrne & Co, Fron­tier, Ger­rard Seel, Pro­mo­tion Wine, Waples Wines This fresh wine with high en­ergy, cit­rus, min­eral and nutty oak char­ac­ter re­ally pulls through. There’s great acid­ity and length, quite pure. Drink 2017-2021 Alc 14%

Har­wood Hall, Marl­bor­ough 2015 90 MB 92 BC 90 CD 89 £15 Top Se­lec­tion An in­tense wine with el­e­gant soft­ness. Fruity and fresh, lively, with fresh herbs, cit­rus and peach notes. The length is full and vi­brant and bal­ances beau­ti­fully with the lively acid­ity present. Drink 2017-2020 Alc 13.5%

Stan­ley Es­tates, Awa­tere Val­ley, Marl­bor­ough 2016 90 MB 88 BC 93 CD 90 £15.75 D Byrne & Co, Dunell’s, Fron­tier, Pro­mo­tion Wine, The Hal­i­fax Wine Co, The Wine Room, Vagabond Flavour­some style, with lime zest, goose­berry and cut grass flavours. In­tense red and green ap­ple with trop­i­cal fruit notes, loads of acid­ity and nice bal­ance. Drink 2017-2021 Alc 13.5%

Ata Rangi, Mart­in­bor­ough, Wairarapa 2016 90 MB 90 BC 90 CD 90 £15.55-£17.99 Exel, Lib­erty Wines, Oz Wines, The New Zealand Cel­lar This is a pleas­ing and en­tic­ing wine with beau­ti­fully con­structed fruits, fleshy and fresh. A crisp ap­ple flavour dom­i­nates, Granny Smith per­haps, which adds nu­ance and acid­ity to this el­e­gant wine. Drink 2017-2023 Alc 12.5%

Eradus, Awa­tere Val­ley, Marl­bor­ough 2016 90 MB 88 BC 92 CD 90 £13.25 Cor­ney & Barrow This wine has a typ­i­cal Awa­tere Val­ley style of cut grass, net­tle, min­eral and pas­sion fruit flavours. There’s de­cent acid­ity on the palate too, mak­ing this a nice, re­fresh­ing ex­am­ple.

Drink 2017-2021 Alc 13.5%

Opawa, Marl­bor­ough 2016 90 MB 90 BC 90 DC 90 £12.99 Ama­zon, Sel­fridges This is a weighty, flavour­some Sau­vi­gnon Blanc with beau­ti­ful fruit char­ac­ter; pas­sion fruit, melon, red cap­sicum and trop­i­cal fruit flavours lead into a re­fresh­ing, bal­anced, even fin­ish. Drink 2017-2020 Alc 13%

Vidal, Re­serve, Marl­bor­ough 2016 90 MB 90 BC 91 CD 90 £16.05 Ann et Vin, Cam­bridge Wine Mer­chants, De­fine Food & Wine, The Devine Wine Co, The Vi­no­rium This has a rich, fruity, va­ri­etal and en­gag­ing bou­quet with lay­ers of herbs and grass. The palate fol­lows the theme, with flavours of peach and cit­rus, some lees tex­ture, ripe acid­ity and a hint of sweet­ness. Drink 2017-2020 Alc 13%

‘Some wines we tasted showed you could push the bound­aries a lit­tle bit, but not too much’ Cameron Dou­glas MS

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