Do­maine Camp Gal­han, Aman­lie, Duché d’Uzès, Rhône, France 2015 92


£12.25 Yapp Bros This is from a rel­a­tively new ap­pel­la­tion lo­cated east of the pic­turesque town Uzés, just north of Nîmes. A typ­i­cal Rhône blend of Viog­nier, Gre­nache Blanc and a dash of Rous­sanne, it’s op­u­lent with ripe peach and apri­cot fruit flavours, and a hint of honey. De­li­ciously juicy and mouth­wa­ter­ing; very ap­proach­able and en­joy­able. A per­fect match for roast chicken. Alc 13% ➢

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