Fo­radori – a timeline


1920 Vit­to­rio Fo­radori, a Trentino lawyer, buys the es­tate and sells wine in bulk

1960 His son Roberto takes over and starts bot­tling wine un­der the Fo­radori name

1976 Roberto Fo­radori dies

1984 Elis­a­betta Fo­radori takes over the win­ery

1981 Roberto’s daugh­ter Elis­a­betta starts study­ing oenol­ogy in Trentino, aged 16

1986 First vin­tage of sig­na­ture wine Granato re­leased

1985 Mas­sal se­lec­tion started

1987 Elis­a­betta meets Pro­fes­sor Rainer Zie­rock, a big in­flu­ence and the father of her three chil­dren

2002 First bio­dy­namic prepa­ra­tions used on ad­vice from winemaker friend Marc Krey­den­weiss

2007 Lease of 8ha vine­yard, Fon­tanas­anta, near Trento

2008 First tina­jas bought and ex­per­i­ments be­gin on skin-contact white wine

2009 Cer­ti­fied bio­dy­namic by Deme­ter; first skin-contact wine, No­si­ola, launched

2015 Emilio is now in charge of the wine­mak­ing. His brother Theo Zie­rock joins to han­dle pub­lic re­la­tions and sales man­age­ment for Fo­radori

2013 Emilio Zie­rock, Elis­a­betta’s son, starts at the win­ery af­ter work ex­pe­ri­ence abroad

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