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We’ve all heard the well-worn, age-re­lated clichés – life be­gins at 40; age is just a num­ber; beauty is only skin deep.

But with peo­ple liv­ing longer maybe there is some truth in the idea that 50 re­ally is the new 30.

And there’s no deny­ing that we are all feel­ing younger at heart, de­spite what the birth cer­tifi­cate may state in black and white!

How­ever, what we just can’t deny is that as we do get older, our skin changes – the tex­ture, the colour, the tone.

The thing is, it’s a grad­ual change. It kind of creeps up on us and sud­denly the tried and tested looks that have al­ways worked for you and make you feel your best some­how seem lack­lus­tre and you’re not quite sure why.

It can leave you con­fused as to how and what to do with your look to make it work for you again.

But the good news is that with a few tweaks here and there to your beauty regime and choice of colours and prod­ucts, you can re­gain that youth­ful glow in no time.

First, and most im­por­tantly, is the need to ad­dress the tex­ture of the skin.

It prob­a­bly doesn’t look as smooth and taut and rosy as it once did, but that does not mean that it can’t look great again. It can.

The key is to make your skin look as sup­ple and hy­drated as you pos­si­bly can by us­ing light­weight, hy­drat­ing and light re­flect­ing prod­ucts.

The trick is to steer clear of heavy or matt foun­da­tion.

Another great way to give your skin a great boost is to use Bio Oil as a base for your make up.

It is fan­tas­tic for cre­at­ing a won­der­fully hy­drated and sup­ple base on which to ap­ply your foun­da­tion.

It seems to breathe new life into a dull look­ing, de­hy­drated face.

Then take a brush – the Ex­pert Face Brush by Real Tech­niques is great – to ap­ply your base.

Use the brush to buff on the foun­da­tion… The more you buff, the more ra­di­ant your skin will look.

Another great tip for slightly more ma­ture skin is to look at the un­der­tone of your skin.

Is it pink­ish or yel­low­ish in tone? To find out, in­spect the area around you neck area or the inside of your fore­arms.

If you are still un­sure, com­pare with your friends as some­one will have a more ob­vi­ous un­der­tone.

Use this knowl­edge to then se­lect your per­fect colour pal­ette.

If you have a pink un­der­tone you’ll be more suited to cool colours e.g. pinks, greys and navy.

Yel­low toned ladies should go for warmer tones of peach, coral, bronze and brown.

This is just a guide but if you get the colour­ing right it will make a mas­sive dif­fer­ence to achiev­ing the healthy glow we all de­sire, no mat­ter our age.

To bring a lit­tle colour to your cheeks, se­lect­ing the cor­rect tone of blush will re­duce your need for bronzer. Smile and ap­ply it just above the ap­ples of the cheeks to keep the cheek bones look­ing high.

They say the eyes are the win­dows to the soul but, un­for­tu­nately as we age, our eyes start to sink in a lit­tle so we have to style our eye make up dif­fer­ently ac­cord­ingly.

For ex­am­ple the make up looks I used to adore in my 20s would do noth­ing for me now in my 40s.

To stop look­ing like an old soul take a peep at your eyes straight on in the mir­ror.

Can you see your lids or are they hooded? Have they be­come deep set? The best thing to do is max­imise the ar­eas you can see. If there isn’t much lid space vis­i­ble then fo­cus on the lash line. In that case a graphite liner would open the area right up be­cause it will re­flect the light.

The same with a deep set eye area.

Use light re­flec­tive prod­ucts on the lid and lash line to help bring the eyes for­ward and make them pop.

If you want a smokey look then fo­cus on the outer cor­ners of the eyes.

Ap­ply­ing any­thing too dark will add weight to your lids, but be sure to ap­ply lash­ings of mas­cara.

There are many great things about get­ting older.

We’re sup­pos­edly wiser, we have gained years of ex­pe­ri­ence in dif­fer­ent ar­eas of life and we are prob­a­bly more com­fort­able in our own skins.

You’ve earned that fab­u­lous face so make the most of it.

Maybe there is some truth in the idea that 50 is the new 30. There’s no deny­ing we are all feel­ing younger at heart, de­spite what the birth cer­tifi­cate may state in black and white

Age­less beauty A few tweaks to your make up choices can breathe new life into your look

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