Natalie Dormer


This month: Natalie Dormer, aka Game Of Thrones’ Mar­gaery Tyrell. Jof­frey was her favourite. Now she prefers Bun­gle.


Who were you in your first school play? Peter Pan, at the Hill Pri­mary School in Caver­sham. They put me in very green, tight tights and the cap with the feather in it and I danced around a lot, spin­ning around the gym. Born to never grow up.

Do peo­ple ever quote your di­a­logue back at you? Peo­ple like the line, “I want to be the Queen” (from Game Of Thrones). I do get that one, but not as much as you’d think. I was asked a lot whether I killed Jof­frey a cou­ple of years ago and ev­ery­one’s favourite ques­tion now is whether Jon Snow is dead.

What’s your an­swer? I’m like, “Come on, guys, you only have to wait un­til April.”

What scares you? I’m afraid of cliff faces. Sheer drops off a cliff. Think Beachy Head in Sus­sex. That scares me.

So, heights? Very specif­i­cally heights with­out any kind of rail­ing there. I’m weirdly okay if there’s a bar­rier. You’d think that hav­ing done The For­est I’d be a bit wary of trees, but I love trees. I’m a Kew Gar­dens mem­ber, and I have been known to hug a tree in the past.

How much is a pint of milk? I’m guess­ing it’s around 50p. I don’t drink a lot of milk. I’m one of those wanky ac­tors that only drinks al­mond milk.

On a scale of one to ten, how fa­mous are you? I know that Mag­gie Gyl­len­haal said four for this and she’s much more fa­mous than me. I think she’s a seven or an eight, and I think I’m a five or a six.

What would you do if you woke up to­mor­row and found you were Bruce Wil­lis? I’d rub my naked head. I shaved my head for The Hunger Games, and I miss the calm­ing sen­sa­tion of rub­bing the stub­ble on the side of my head.

What’s your favourite word in the English lan­guage? I have lots. I love lan­guage, be­ing an ac­tor. I’m at­tached to the word “be­cause”.

Be­cause? Be­cause I taught my lit­tle brother to spell it. And, if you think about it in act­ing, drama is some­thing hap­pen­ing be­cause of some­thing else hap­pen­ing. It’s cause and ef­fect. Act­ing is re­act­ing be­cause be­cause be­cause.

What’s your nick­name? I’ve had a few. When I was younger, I was called Trou­ble in my fam­ily. I had friends at drama school who called me Sparky. I’m ND, I’m Nat, I’m Dormer... Gwen­do­line Christie calls me Dorms.

The Bea­tles or the Rolling Stones? I re­ject your premise.

Sorry, you have to choose. Them’s the rules. Oh God! Prob­a­bly the Stones, but you’re tor­tur­ing me. You’re ask­ing me to re­ject songs like Black­bird. You’re ba­si­cally ask­ing me to tear out my heart. Thank you!

What would be the ti­tle of your au­to­bi­og­ra­phy? I have a tat­too on my arm which says, “Fear is the mind­killer”, from the Frank Her­bert novel Dune. Ev­ery­thing I do, I do to chal­lenge my­self, so I can grow. So Fear Is The Mind-killer, as it’s writ­ten on my skin.


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