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#1 Jody

HATE­FUL TRAIT The bonus mem­ber of Quentin Tarantino’s Hate­ful Eight — or Hate­ful Nine, if you will — Chan­ning Ta­tum’s evil cow­boy is the sort of sneaky bas­tard who’ll hide in a base­ment for hours on end, be­fore shoot­ing a man in his John­son. RE­DEEM­ING FEA­TURES? He loves his sis­ter. (His psy­cho hose­beast of a sis­ter.) And he speaks French, the sign of a cul­tured man who wouldn’t shoot any­body. MOST HATE­FUL ACT Shoot­ing Min­nie, of Min­nie’s Hab­er­dash­ery fame, sec­onds af­ter teach­ing her how to speak French. KILLS: Min­nie and Ed, the coach driver. He also shoots Ma­jor War­ren in the din­gus, which looks fa­tal. He and his sis­ter, Daisy Domer­gue, are re­spon­si­ble for the whole damn sorry mess.

#2 Joe Gage

HATE­FUL TRAIT Michael Mad­sen’s cow­puncher is a cold-blooded, cof­fee-poi­son­ing sonuvabitch. RE­DEEM­ING FEA­TURES? He loves his momma. Although she’s most likely fic­tional.

MOST HATE­FUL ACT Turn­ing Six-horse Judy into Two-bul­let Judy. KILLS: O.B., Judy, John Ruth, Charly.

#3 Daisy Domer­gue

HATE­FUL TRAIT Jen­nifer Ja­son Leigh’s pris­oner is a feral racist who likes the taste of her own blood. RE­DEEM­ING FEA­TURES? She can play a mean gui­tar. Em­pha­sis on mean.

MOST HATE­FUL ACT Keep­ing sch­tum about the poi­soned cof­fee. KILLS: John Ruth, di­rectly. Ev­ery­body, in­di­rectly.

#4 Oswaldo Mo­bray

HATE­FUL TRAIT Tim Roth’s hang­man is a pompous, prig­gish, play-act­ing psy­cho. RE­DEEM­ING FEA­TURES? He does a very good up­per-crust English ac­cent. And a Christoph Waltz im­pres­sion.

MOST HATE­FUL ACT Shoot­ing Gemma, who’s fetch­ing him jelly beans, for no good rea­son at all. KILLS: Gemma. He also fires the shot that will likely do for Chris Man­nix.

#6 Gen­eral Sanford Smithers

HATE­FUL TRAIT Bruce Dern’s Con­fed­er­ate is a racist piece of crap. RE­DEEM­ING FEA­TURES? He wants to do right by his dead son. How­ever, lest we for­get, he was racist too. MOST HATE­FUL ACT He doesn’t tip any­one off about the true na­ture of Bob, Joe Gage and Oswaldo. KILLS: Doesn’t ac­tu­ally dis­patch any­one. Un­less you count him­self.

#8 Chris Man­nix

HATE­FUL TRAIT If racists had a foot­ball team, Wal­ton Gog­gins’ Man­nix would be their cap­tain, mas­cot and trea­surer. RE­DEEM­ING FEA­TURES? As the new sher­iff of Red Rock, he mostly means well. MOST HATE­FUL ACT He con­stantly bel­lows racist ep­i­thets into Ma­jor War­ren’s face. They bond later, but still: not cool. KILLS: Daisy, Joe Gage, Pete/oswaldo.

#5 Bob

HATE­FUL TRAIT Demián Bichir’s stone-cold killer is, well, a stone-cold killer. Even more un­for­giv­ably, he also makes ter­ri­ble, ter­ri­ble cof­fee.

RE­DEEM­ING FEA­TURES? The man can make a pi­ano sing. MOST HATE­FUL ACT Stab­bing poor Sweet Dave in the back. KILLS: Sweet Dave. And he wounds Charly.

#7 Ma­jor Mar­quis War­ren

HATE­FUL TRAIT Sa­muel L. Jackson’s bounty hunter is a lyin’, con­nivin’ bas­tard. RE­DEEM­ING FEA­TURES? As his faked Lin­coln let­ter shows, he has the soul of an artist. He hides it well. MOST HATE­FUL ACT Goad­ing Gen­eral Smithers into sui­cide-by-bounty-hunter. KILLS: Daisy Domer­gue, Gen­eral Smithers, Bob, Joe Gage, Jody, Oswaldo Mo­bray. Not to men­tion the three corpses he’s sit­ting on when we first meet him...

#9 John Ruth

HATE­FUL TRAIT Kurt Rus­sell’s misog­y­nist will not shy from punch­ing a woman in the face. RE­DEEM­ING FEA­TURES? He’s quite a sen­si­tive soul un­der­neath all the blus­ter. MOST HATE­FUL ACT Smash­ing Daisy’s gui­tar. KILLS: Not a soul. He’s the Hang­man, af­ter all. He brings ’em in alive.


Above: Sur­prise! Chan­ning Ta­tum as Daisy’s brother Jody, the ninth mem­ber of The Hate­ful Eight.

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