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ANOTHER YEAR, another clutch of block-bust­ing LEGO ad­ven­tures, the lat­est re­turn­ing to the Marvel uni­verse in a fol­low-up to 2013’s LEGO Marvel Su­per He­roes. Rather than spin­ning its own brick-laden yarn, how­ever, LEGO Marvel’s Avngers re­treads the sto­ry­lines of both of Joss Whe­don’s Avengers movies — mak­ing lib­eral use of the films’ di­a­logue in the process. As you might ex­pect, the fo­cus is on keep­ing things light­hearted and di­gestible, but there’s no short­age of con­tent here, with Thor: The Dark World, Cap­tain America: The First Avenger and Iron Man 3 all slot­ted in as part of the game’s ex­tended uni­verse. With a sup­port­ing cast that num­bers into the hun­dreds, pretty much ev­ery­one you can think of gets a turn this time around.

The game’s semi-open world pro­vides a play­ground for try­ing out the char­ac­ters’ new abil­i­ties, such as the Hulk’s dev­as­tat­ing new hy­per jumps — which al­low him to leap high and land on top of enemies, ouch — or Iron Man’s natty Hulkbuster Ar­mor, as seen in Age Of Ul­tron. New­com­ers also add some in­ter­est­ing quirks, such as Fin Fang Foom’s pen­chant for grow­ing to enor­mous sizes and crush­ing enemies un­der­foot. There’s a no­tice­able em­pha­sis on big­ger, more fan­tas­tic he­roes this time, and the game­play’s all the bet­ter for it.

Dou­ble-team moves spice up the but­ton­mash­ing com­bat, with he­roes work­ing to­gether in unique ways to cre­ate dev­as­tat­ing com­bos. Want to have Hulk use Iron Man as a hu­man-sized baton, or have Thor elec­trify Cap­tain America’s shield to give enemies a shock­ing sur­prise? Not a prob­lem. These combo cock­tails are a high point in scuf­fles but also a source of ir­ri­ta­tion. Finicky po­si­tion­ing means they don’t al­ways con­nect, and it’s tough to stay in the right place with hordes of enemies swarm­ing all over you.

With its menu of sit­u­a­tional puzzles and smash­ing/re­build­ing brick-based ar­chi­tec­ture, the game sticks faith­fully to the tried-and-tested LEGO play­book, but that’s hardly a sur­prise given the fran­chise’s pop­u­lar­ity. Be­sides, there’s so much con­tent here that it’s hard to find too much fault with cleav­ing to a win­ning for­mula, es­pe­cially with the glut of new char­ac­ters and abil­i­ties on of­fer. If you’ve not warmed to the LEGO se­ries’ charms then LEGO Marvel’s Avengers is un­likely to change that, but for stal­wart block-heads or those look­ing for some Avenger­s­themed com­fort food, this is a pleas­ing mix of ac­tion, hu­mour and chunky, colour­ful bricks.

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