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“We were re­hears­ing there ev­ery sin­gle night — just head down, fuck­ing graft­ing. I loved it; it was mega. Then we’d go up to the bar in the club af­ter­wards, have a lit­tle drink and watch some shit band. We were al­ways get­ting kicked out, chased for rent... Ev­ery­one in Manch­ester — even to­day — they’re all a bit cloak and dag­ger, like, ‘You can’t hear what we’re do­ing.’ So all the other bands’ stu­dio doors were closed. But our door would be wide open: ‘Fuck­ing ’ave that!’ All these other bands would be com­ing in, go­ing, ‘Ex­cuse me, could you just turn it down?’ and we’d be go­ing, ‘Fuck off, you turn your shit down.’ Then, on the way out, we’d walk past and turn their lights off... Ev­ery­one was get­ting gigs ex­cept us: you’d see Puressence next door go­ing off to do a gig, and we’d be like, ‘Where’s our fuck­ing gigs?’”

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