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“[oa­sis bass player] Guigsy had been made re­dun­dant by bt: he’d been given five grand and he got it in fifties. So we were drink­ing, or­der­ing cham­pagne or what­ever, and some geezer goes, ‘these notes are forged.’ We told him to fuck off, and it just es­ca­lated. next minute we’re in the slam­mer down at the bot­tom of the ferry. We get to am­s­ter­dam the next morn­ing and we’re go­ing, ‘We’re cool now, can we go and do the gig?’ and this guy’s go­ing, ‘no, you’re go­ing back.’ boom, back we go. It’s my favourite bit of the film. It’s up there with Kneb­worth! noel con­tra­dicts what he’s said be­fore [that it’s all about the mu­sic]. He’s go­ing, ‘as long as we’re on the cover of mag­a­zines, it doesn’t mat­ter.’ Well, you’re not go­ing to get [there] read­ing Shake­speare, are you, dick­wad? you’d think with so­cial me­dia these days, some­one’d be film­ing some­thing [scan­dalous] ev­ery day, but there’s fuck­ing noth­ing. these kids to­day are all just fuck­ing squares. no band gets up to any­thing. bunch of fuck­ing pussies.”

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