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“When you lis­ten back to that in the film, I swear to God Guigsy is play­ing a to­tally dif­fer­ent bassline in one of the songs: it’s like he’s in a dif­fer­ent fuck­ing band! We were snort­ing crys­tal meth, think­ing it was coke. I still don’t know if it was crys­tal meth, but it was su­per fuck­ing strong. I do re­mem­ber it be­ing all over the shop in parts, but I’m sure it was al­right... It’s fuck­ing LA! If we’d have just gone on and done a nor­mal gig, they’d have been like, ‘We’ve seen all that be­fore.’ They want a bit of fuck­ing wonky shit: that’s what they’re into, in­nit? But that gear, we were all wired for days af­ter. The tyres on the bus went down, we couldn’t pay the ho­tel be­cause fuck­ing Putin [Noel] had run off with all the money to see some bird he’d met in San Fran­cisco. I re­mem­ber we were sit­ting around out­side, all we’ve got is this gear, no fuck­ing money, and I’m walk­ing up and down, go­ing into ev­ery ho­tel on Sun­set, go­ing, ‘Is there a Mr Noel Gal­lagher here?’”

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