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“Noel would spend hours on gui­tar, I’d be go­ing, ‘Look, are you gonna be here all day do­ing this? Yeah? Right, I’m off to the pub, then.’”

“It was the way to be go­ing into Kneb­worth, wasn’t it? You can’t be go­ing in a fuck­ing car, can you? You’ve gotta be go­ing in a fuck­ing chop­per, man! Did we talk to each other on the way over? Yeah, but not about the gig, re­ally: we were prob­a­bly just go­ing on about Man City or some­thing. It just would have been, ‘Where’d you get them shoes from?’ or, ‘I fuck­ing hate Man United,’ or, ‘What you hav­ing for din­ner?’ Or, ‘How long is this fuck­ing he­li­copter go­ing to fuck­ing take?’ I mean, I guess we were ner­vous, but not to the point where any­one was like, ‘Turn around!’ I didn’t feel scared one bit, man: all those peo­ple were there to see you and give you mas­sive amounts of fuck­ing love. We’d been tour­ing loads, so the gig was a piece of piss. So, there was no big de­bate about the gig or any­thing. We never re­ally chat­ted about shit like that any­way. Even when we got of­fered the deal, we just got back in the van and went back home, with all of us go­ing, ‘See City got beat three-nil last night.’ Or, ‘Where’d you get them shoes from?’”

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