“I’M HAV­ING THE time of my life on this, but it is in­sane for sure,” ad­mits di­rec­tor Denis Vil­leneuve (Ar­rival), well aware of what it is to fol­low in Sir Ri­d­ley Scott’s Spin­ner trail. “Be­cause it is so in­sane, it gives you free­dom. A lot of peo­ple on this [film] are chil­dren of Blade Run­ner, raised with the imag­i­na­tion and en­ergy of the orig­i­nal, and have been in­spired by those im­ages all our lives.”

While the new film is based on an idea by Scott and orig­i­nal screen­writer Hamp­ton Fancher, Vil­leneuve must make his own Blade

Run­ner. The specifics of which are, for now, as hard to pin down as glit­ter­ing C-beams. We do know Michael Green’s script re­turns Har­ri­son Ford’s un­ver­i­fied skin-job Rick Deckard to a still-in­clement Los An­ge­les (weather fore­cast: acid snow). Ryan Gosling joins Ford, pre­sum­ably as an­other Blade Run­ner (if Repli­cants still need re­tir­ing in 2049), while Jared Leto, Robin Wright and Dave Bautista also play roles.

De­spite synth-god Van­ge­lis be­ing re­placed as com­poser by Vil­leneuve reg­u­lar Jóhann Jóhanns­son, the di­rec­tor re­as­sures fans that his se­quel comes fully retro­fit­ted. “There are a lot of dig­i­tal ef­fects,” he says, “but we are try­ing our best to do it in the spirit of the orig­i­nal.” We haven’t run a Voight-kampff test on him, but we’re will­ing to give him the ben­e­fit of the doubt.

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