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Empire (UK) - - RE.VIEW - Il­lus­tra­tion olly gibbs

JOSEPH HOWES — 6 HIGH NOON what do you think the film was about? It was about a cow­boy [Will Kane] who was wor­ried about this evil cow­boy com­ing back, be­cause the main char­ac­ter was wor­ried he would kill him be­cause he sent him to prison. but why wouldn’t any­one help the mar­shal in his fight? They were afraid they would get killed as well. would you have helped him? Not re­ally... why not? I don’t want my­self to be killed. and what if you were the mar­shal? At one point he’s leav­ing town but then he changes his mind and comes back, say­ing he’s never run away from any­thing. I’d prob­a­bly just con­tinue with my run, to be hon­est. Be­cause I don’t re­ally want to kill my­self in a bat­tle. so what do you think of the mar­shal? Did you like will Kane? He’s brave and bold and doesn’t think about how he might hurt him­self. at the end, you were quite ner­vous. why was that? If he was go­ing to win or lose or not, it just made me tense. Did you mind that it was in blackand-white? No, not at all. I think I might pre­fer it in black-and-white than colour. what would you give the film out of five stars? Four, be­cause I don’t see the point in go­ing back for guns. Why would you go back to fight? Is it the most pre­cious thing in your life? Why would you go back for it?

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