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it was to play this New york cop in Fre­quency, and the di­alect coach and i went walk­ing around talk­ing in a Queens ac­cent to pre­pare for the screen test. they of­fered it to me as soon as it was over, but the ac­tor who was also in it pulled out, and then i had to go do this other movie. i’m lucky. the ones i do are the ones i get of­fered. au­di­tion­ing is painful. i re­mem­ber once when i was au­di­tion­ing for a play, and i had to say, “i’m just go­ing to the lava­tory.” but all i could say was, “i’m go­ing to the la­vo­ra­tory.” all i could think of was “lab­o­ra­tory”. Didn’t get that one.

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