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Si­mon Pegg: “Ace Ven­tura: When Na­ture Calls is not the best film ever made, but it boasts a se­quence so bril­liant in ex­e­cu­tion, so art­ful in set up, it de­serves recog­ni­tion. I love the sheer in­dus­try in­volved in the set-up — a se­ries of dummy gags used to carry ex­po­si­tion — all to fa­cil­i­tate a wildly ridicu­lous vis­ual gag, ex­e­cuted with ex­per­tise by Jim Car­rey.”

INT. fake RHINO — Day

Ace (Jim Car­rey) has con­structed a fake rhino from which to surveil Bur­ton Quinn (Bob Gun­ton) as he has a clan­des­tine ren­dezvous with a man.

ace: Meet­ing se­cretly with sin­is­ter types much? Ah, not too much. Ah, much too much!

Then the fan packs in. Ace taps it. It’s dead. He groans, and takes off his shirt.

ace: Kinda hot in these rhi­nos.

Time passes. The sun beats down. A now naked Ace peels off his un­der­wear with a wet plop.

ace: WARM!

Sweat pours down his face. But then he sees Quinn hand the man an en­ve­lope.

ace: I had a dog, and his name was... BINGO!

Quinn and the man go their sep­a­rate ways.

ace: Time to get some oxy­gen.

He turns the wheel to open the door, but noth­ing hap­pens.

ace: No! Come on…

The wheel comes off in his hand. Pan­ick­ing, Ace thrusts his shoul­der against the exit to no avail.

ace: MAY­DAY!

Now a cable breaks, cov­er­ing him in fluid. Alarms be­gin to sound. Ace gasps for oxy­gen.

ace: Must… have… air!

Ace spies a shaft of sun­light be­hind him.

EXT. bush — Day

From out­side the rhino, we see a fin­ger poke out

from a hole in its rear end. Then Ace’s arm ap­pears. A pair of sa­fari ve­hi­cles pull up. A fam­ily — dad, mom, two kids — gets out of the first Jeep.

DAD: Come on, girls! Quiet quiet quiet quiet… look look look.

Now Ace’s head is push­ing against the fab­ric of the rhino’s rec­tum. It looks like...

MOM: Oh look. The mother rhino is giv­ing birth!

Ace’s face emerges, tongue-first. He’s mak­ing an in­hu­man squalling noise. The mother looks on and sighs, awestruck. Then, as two arms emerge from the rhino, she looks con­cerned. Next is Ace’s head, as he be­gins to chew his way out of the rhino.


Now Ace’s up­per half slith­ers out. He roars like an an­gry wal­rus. The dad gags. Ace then slides out of the rhino and falls onto the ground in a foetal po­si­tion. Com­pletely naked.

LIT­TLE boy: Cool!

The boy’s par­ents don’t agree. They hus­tle their kids back into the Jeep.

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