A lorra lorra laughs with Laura Lin­ney.


Which movie have you seen the most?

The St­ing. I re­mem­ber when it first came out, I saw it eight times in a row. I ab­so­lutely loved it.

Do you have any no­table scars?

Un­der my chin. I just kept fall­ing over as a child. Didn’t jump far enough off a div­ing board. Fell on a nail. All kinds of ac­ci­dents, al­ways hit­ting the same spot. There’s a criss-cross high­way on my chin.

Do you have a nick­name?

Yes, it’s Lavro. On my Broad­way de­but I was so thrilled that my name was go­ing to be on a play­bill that I rushed out to get an ad­vance copy. I opened it up and they’d mis­spelled my name as Lavro. It was a good les­son. Don’t take your­self se­ri­ously. So the name’s stuck.

Do you have any tat­toos?

Not yet. There’s still time…

What was your role in your first school pro­duc­tion?

The first one was a fem­i­nist pro­duc­tion called

Mrs Claus Takes Over. Santa had a cold and couldn’t de­liver the presents, so Mrs Claus steps in to save the day. Yes, I was Mrs Claus. It seemed to be well-re­viewed by the other third graders.

How much is a pint of milk?

$4.59. [Em­pire ex­presses shock] That’s the price! I’m go­ing to check in my re­frig­er­a­tor to con­firm. Just you wait… Ex­cuse me, it’s $5.49. But it’s a quart. It’s se­ri­ously ex­pen­sive. It’s very good milk. At that price, it should be.

Have you ever know­ingly bro­ken the law?

Oh no, I’m far too much of a scaredy-cat.

What would you call your au­to­bi­og­ra­phy?

No Way Through It But Through It.

Who is the most fa­mous per­son in your phone?

Maybe Liam Nee­son? We’re friends.

When was the last time you walked out of a movie?

I don’t re­ally walk out of movies. I fall asleep in­stead. That’s my quiet, po­lite form of protest. “I don’t like this so I’ll make my­self un­con­scious.”

What’s the strangest place you’ve ever thrown up?

Ha! I threw up into a garbage can on a New York street. I’d just seen a for­mer boyfriend who’d just got mar­ried. He was some­one I was very in love with. He met me to have lunch and all I could do [was] stare at his wed­ding band. I kept my­self to­gether, then we left and I went out­side and vom­ited in a garbage can. It’s was like a bad movie mo­ment.

What one thing can you do bet­ter than any­one you know?

I have an in­cred­i­ble sense of di­rec­tion. Put me in a city I’ve never been to, make me walk a mile and I can march my way back to where I started.

What’s in your pocket right now?

I’m wear­ing py­ja­mas. I’m do­ing a play on Broad­way at the mo­ment. The pants aren’t go­ing on un­til I have to leave the house.

Who did you have on your wall as a child?

Mark Spitz. It was a life-size poster of him wear­ing all his medals in his lit­tle Amer­i­can-flag Speedos.

Have you ever stolen from a ho­tel?

Yes, a laun­dry bag that had the ho­tel sig­na­ture beau­ti­fully em­broi­dered on it. Oh! I guess I did break the law know­ingly! So that’s twice now. First I stole the bag, then I per­jured my­self.


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