The most es­tab­lished of the De­fend­ers, Cox has filled Dare­devil’s suit since 2015, and is the only cast mem­ber to have two full sea­sons un­der his util­ity belt. “It’s funny,” says the Lon­don-born ac­tor. “When I was au­di­tion­ing, I do vaguely re­mem­ber my age

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Where is Matt when we meet him in The De­fend­ers?

He’s been deeply af­fected by the end of Dare­devil Sea­son 2. Peo­ple died and the place wasn’t safer. So he’s no longer putting on his suit and fight­ing crime. Per­fect cue mo­ment for a team-up.

What does Matt bring to the team?

Matt’s quite good on the in­ves­tiga­tive trail with Jes­sica Jones. Matt can hear peo­ple’s heart­beats and sense when they lie.

What’s your num­ber on the call sheet?

We’re all num­ber one. I’m 1A. They should have done 1J, 1D, 1L and 1I.

When did you first bond as a team?

The four of us went to a sushi place around the cor­ner and had a very ca­sual meal. As we were leav­ing, Mike walked out first and a guy walk­ing down the street went, “Luke Cage?” Then he saw Krys­ten, me and Finn and went, “OH MY GOD!”

Who’s the coolest De­fender?

Mike. Me and Krys­ten just show up in our py­ja­mas, ef­fec­tively. Mike shows up ev­ery sin­gle day in an in­cred­i­bly well-chore­ographed out­fit. He never wears the same thing twice.

Have you seen the other shows?

I’ve seen Luke Cage and Jes­sica Jones, I have not cur­rently fin­ished Iron Fist. I haven’t told Finn yet. It came out right when we were fin­ish­ing De­fend­ers and I couldn’t han­dle any more su­per­hero stuff.

Do you get free Net­flix?

I did. They gave me a six-month pass, but it’s now run out.

You’re Dare­devil. You should get free Net­flix.

I know. But why should I not pay $8 a month? I think I can af­ford it.

If the four of you came to blows, who would win in a fight?

Prob­a­bly Mike, but I wouldn’t want to un­der­es­ti­mate Krys­ten. I think Krys­ten might wait un­til there was a clear winner, then ruin that one.

Where would you be?

I’d prob­a­bly spend too much time try­ing to ap­pease the sit­u­a­tion. The irony is, I kinda loathe vi­o­lence.

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