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Aka Break­ing Slowly Bad

1 FRING’S BACK Sea­son 3 of Bet­ter Call Saul saw the show slowly con­verge with its moth­er­ship, Break­ing

Bad. After teas­ing the re­turn of drug lord Gus Fring via an acros­tic con­tained within Sea­son 2’s episode ti­tles, Gian­carlo Es­pos­ito did in­deed come back, to start a busi­ness with Mike Ehrmantraut (Jonathan Banks). 2 GOOD LUCK, CHUCK For a show about lawyers, there’s been pre­cious lit­tle court­room ac­tion in BCS. That changed with episode five, where the bristling ri­valry and his brother Chuck (Michael Mck­ean) came to a head dur­ing the hear­ing to de­cide whether Jimmy should be dis­barred for his ear­lier as­sault on his older sib­ling. 3 MEET SAUL GOOD­MAN By sea­son’s end, Jimmy Mcgill still hasn’t be­come the blus­ter­ing blowhard crim­i­nal lawyer Saul Good­man. But he did as­sume the iden­tity briefly in episode six, hid­ing be­hind a fake name in or­der to flog some com­mer­cial air­time that was cost­ing him a pretty penny.

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