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What brings you here? Gil­lan: We’re here to talk about the re­lease of Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 on Blu-ray in Au­gust.

Rooker: That’s right. And the dig­i­tal re­lease too. Gil­lan: Which is on 8 Au­gust. Can’t re­mem­ber when the Blu-ray is…

Rooker: 22 Au­gust. Gil­lan: That’s why he gets paid the big bucks. Rooker: Es­pe­cially on the Blu-ray, you get 80 min­utes of brand-new footage that’s never been seen, in­clud­ing a mu­sic video. Gil­lan: It’s us danc­ing around in ’70s-in­spired cos­tumes, which you need to see.

Have you been to Comic-con be­fore?

Kle­men­ti­eff: Last year, for the first time. Gil­lan: I’ve been here loads of times.

Rooker: Yeah, I’ve been many times. Gil­lan: I think this is maybe my fifth. Sixth, maybe. I was here for Doc­tor Who for a few years, then I tran­si­tioned to the Marvel stuff. Rooker: I’ve been here 69 times.

Kle­men­ti­eff: 69? That’s a nice num­ber. Rooker: For some rea­son, that num­ber keeps pop­ping up in my head. I don’t un­der­stand it. It’s like I’m dream­ing 69. I don’t know.

Gil­lan: He’s go­ing to be 69 next year.

If you were to cos­play here, who would it be and why? Gil­lan: A Klin­gon. A gen­eral Klin­gon. A ginger Klin­gon.

Kle­men­ti­eff: What is it? Gil­lan: It’s a crea­ture from Star Trek.

Rooker: It’s an alien. Can you do the lan­guage? Gil­lan: No.

Rooker: I think I’d be a nice, cud­dly lit­tle kitty. Maybe a kitty with su­per­pow­ers.

Kle­men­ti­eff: I would be Hulk, with huge mus­cles and re­ally big. And green, yelling at every­one.

Rooker: They have suits now. The Hulk cos­play­ers are some of the most amazing cos­play­ers. The ones that know how to make the cos­tumes... they look ab­so­lutely real.

Marvel or DC? Rooker: I know what their an­swers are go­ing to be. Marvel, be­cause they’re still get­ting paid. But me? I’m pretty much dead, right? I can say what­ever I want. I’m a free agent. DC or Marvel, I go with the guy who pays me first. Gil­lan: Marvel, of course. Are you out of your mind?

De­scribe Comic-con in three words. Kle­men­ti­eff: Maybe we can say one word each. “Fun”. Rooker: “Ex­cel­sior!” Gil­lan: Is that from Sil­ver Lin­ings Play­book? Kle­men­ti­eff: Stan Lee says it all the time. Rooker: [Stan Lee voice] “EX­CEL­SIOR!” Gil­lan: I’m choos­ing “es­capism”.


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