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The lat­est Marvel su­per­heroes (and vil­lains) to smash the small screen

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MARVEL’S IN­HU­MANS HAS had some­thing of an in­ter­est­ing jour­ney to the small screen. The prop­erty, which ex­plores the po­lit­i­cal in­trigue at the heart of a fam­ily of su­per-pow­ered en­hanced (don’t call them mu­tants, mainly for le­gal rea­sons) be­ings, was ini­tially an­nounced as a movie; part of Marvel Stu­dios’ post-avengers: Infinity War phase. Then it got shifted to TV, where it ap­pears to have been reimag­ined as The Crown with capes. But who are the In­hu­mans? Let’s ask them.

An­son Mount IS Black Bolt

The king of the In­hu­mans, Black Bolt — full name, Black­a­gar Bolt­agon, no-shit fans — is blessed with a voice that can level cities, so

he doesn’t speak. Call him Marvel Marceau. “I adore the char­ac­ter. It’s so well-writ­ten, in the sense that he’s a leader who un­der­stands the

power of his own voice. He’s be­come a stoic and a leader who’s bear­ing a lot of se­crets. He doesn’t re­alise that he’s con­flated his re­serve as a leader with an emo­tional re­moval.”

Serinda Swan IS Me­dusa

Black Bolt’s queen, Me­dusa gets her name from the mon­ster of Greek mythol­ogy, a nod to her sen­tient hair that can at­tack op­po­nents. She’s a cut above. “If you look at a lot of the comics, we’re the he­roes, the vil­lains, we’re in-be­tween — you’re not sure. We go all over the map. And so it wasn’t so much try­ing to en­com­pass all of her past. It was tak­ing a slice out of her life that is the In­hu­mans in this cir­cum­stance, and do­ing the best you can to rep­re­sent that.”

Iwan Rheon IS Max­imus

The for­mer Ram­say Bolton heads straight into an­other game of thrones as Black Bolt’s am­bi­tious, and pos­si­bly treach­er­ous, younger brother. “He’s be­come known as Max­imus The Mad. But he’s not mad; he’s sort of a rev­o­lu­tion­ary, for­ward-think­ing politi­cian who wants to change things for the bet­ter of the peo­ple and for his own per­sonal gain. So Max The An­tag­o­nist is more ac­cu­rate — it’s not al­lit­er­a­tion but that’s the sort of thing we were go­ing for.”

Mike Moh IS Tri­ton

A green, finned In­hu­man, Tri­ton is a dab webbed hand when it comes to fight­ing the good fight un­der­wa­ter. “The main thing I wanted to por­tray is that Tri­ton is fiercely loyal. Any­thing that Black Bolt said to me, I would put my life on it. Any­thing for the safety and bet­ter­ment of our fam­ily. It helps when you like the peo­ple you hang out with — I haven’t known them long, but I con­sider every­one fam­ily. We be­came a real unit.”

Eme Ik­wuakor IS Gor­gon

An­other Greek-themed In­hu­man, Gor­gon is pos­sessed of two hooves, all the bet­ter for stomp­ing the bad guys “Gor­gon is al­ways act­ing on im­pulse. It sounds weird, but ev­ery sin­gle day I would get in­jured — pur­pose­fully! I al­ways had to feel that I had to push my body to the limit, be­cause that’s what Gor­gon would do. It got to a point where I would be like, ‘I feel like eat­ing boul­ders to­day.’”

Ken Leung IS Kar­nak

An In­hu­man who has the un­canny abil­ity to see the fault in ev­ery­thing, from op­po­nent’s strate­gies and pow­ers to the third act of Baby Driver. “The se­ries is very, very dark. It’s like one shade of black from be­gin­ning to end. My role is also more phys­i­cally de­mand­ing than any I’ve ever played. So that to­gether with the dark­ness has made the char­ac­ter a lit­tle hard to catch. I’m al­ways try­ing to catch it.”

Sonya Bal­mores IS Au­ran

The fiercely loyal head of the Royal Guard, tasked with pro­tect­ing Black Bolt and his kin from harm. “She’s re­ally close to the fam­ily. Like a per­sonal as­sis­tant — you see the good, the bad and the ugly. I did some work as a per­sonal as­sis­tant once, so I had a lot to work from.”

Is­abelle Cor­nish IS Crys­tal

An Ele­men­tal, Crys­tal can con­trol earth, wind and fire — and other ’70s soul groups. “She’s the youngest mem­ber of the Royal Fam­ily, so I got to bring in an el­e­ment of youth. Be­ing the youngest, as well, I haven’t ex­pe­ri­enced my pow­ers as long, so there’s that jour­ney of try­ing out her pow­ers, which was re­ally nice.”

Ellen Woglom IS Louise

A char­ac­ter cre­ated just for the TV show. Not much is known about her. Louise may not even be her real name. “My char­ac­ter brings a lev­ity to the show. She doesn’t try to be funny, but her per­son­al­ity is one where she takes her job re­ally se­ri­ously and some­times that’s hu­mor­ous. Man, there’s so much I can’t say. I don’t even know why I’m here!”

Lock­jaw, the gi­ant tele­port­ing dog. Be­low: Me­dusa and Max­imus get up close and per­sonal.

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