WHEN WE LAST saw Luke Sky­walker, he was brood­ing atop a rock; in ex­ile from the world, from the galaxy. Hey, I’m no psychologist, but some may say from him­self. But what he didn’t bank on (but we did) was plucky, re­source­ful, rad-as-hell Rey, who made it clear in the fi­nal moments of The Force Awak­ens — lightsaber in out­stretched, plead­ing hand — that she was grimly de­ter­mined to pull Luke back into the heart of the Re­sis­tance. She won’t have an easy job of it, we fear, af­ter ev­ery­thing we’ve seen and heard in the months since (“I only know one truth. It’s time for the Jedi to end.” Nooooo!). It’s cer­tainly a stom­ach­knot­ting premise for The Last Jedi: what be­comes of the hope and heart of the Star Wars uni­verse if Luke Sky­walker is lost?

It’s a sit­ting-bolt-up­right-in-bed-at-4am thought, so there was only one thing for it: we sent James Dyer, Em­pire’s res­i­dent Star Wars su­per­fan/psy­chopath, to talk to the man him­self, Mark Hamill, and di­rec­tor Rian John­son. What they shared with him — and we’re shar­ing with you — made us even more anx­ious and ex­cited for the film hit­ting cin­e­mas in De­cem­ber. It’s a good job we’re kind of into be­ing anx­ious and ex­cited (pretty much all of the time). And here’s what else you should be anx­cited about in this month’s Em­pire...

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