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I looked like a swash­buck­ler in Jack Of All Trades. It was very dash­ing and fairly com­fort­able, ex­cept the cape, which was too fuck­ing heavy. They took out half the weight. I said, “I gotta fight in this cape, baby!” For Mind­warp, I played a post-apoc­a­lyp­tic Jeremiah John­son in a cos­tume made of car parts. My gog­gles were car heat­ing vents. But I was hit­ting on the cos­tume de­signer so I was some­what dis­tracted.


Sundown: The Vam­pire In Re­treat. about ’88 we shot that, in Moab, Utah. I’m a huge fan of the west and it com­pletely made me eat up Utah. It’s just spec­tac­u­lar in its des­o­la­tion and iso­la­tion and its soli­tude. I’ve since come back mul­ti­ple times to that town as a civil­ian be­cause it was such a spec­tac­u­lar lo­ca­tion. the worst was prob­a­bly detroit, Michi­gan, shoot­ing Crime­wave. I was di­rect­ing the se­cond unit. we were on a cher­ryp­ick bucket up over the detroit river in the mid­dle of win­ter and it was 30 de­grees be­low Fahrenheit. your mouth starts to freeze up so when you start to talk, you sound re­ally drunk, but you’re not.


I’ve got­ten three jobs from auditions in my en­tire life. The first one was Knots Land­ing, play­ing Michael York’s as­sis­tant for two episodes. It was 1987 — the first thing I au­di­tioned for in Hol­ly­wood. I didn’t do TV for another five years be­cause of how hor­ri­fy­ing the ex­pe­ri­ence was. I met with Ed Zwick for Thir­tysome­thing. He was mix­ing a movie while I waited. I came into his of­fice and said, “You should fix [those] cricket sound ef­fects on reel three.” My man­ager said, “Ed Zwick just told me your meet­ing is the rea­son he doesn’t like to take meet­ings with ac­tors.”


Bubba Ho-tep. elvis is ly­ing there, looks up and sees the stars align. It says, “all is well.” It was a poignant end­ing to a ridicu­lous film. I added a, “thank you very much.” that’s how elvis would die. I vom­ited leeches in Mind­warp. they were rub­ber fish­ing lure leeches with fake blood you had to hold in your mouth with­out gag­ging. But I met my wife Ida [on the film], so that worked out.


The pre­miere of Ash Vs Evil Dead in Hol­ly­wood. We never had a Hol­ly­wood pre­miere for any of the Evil Dead movies. We shut down two blocks of Hol­ly­wood Boule­vard and Iggy Pop sang for a thou­sand scream­ing fans. I was like, “Okay, Evil Dead, you’ve ar­rived.” This shitty lit­tle movie that had been made fun of for years had fi­nally got into the Hol­ly­wood main­stream. That cracked me up. I got fired from Crime­wave and I was cast as the lead. I did a screen test, but be­cause the bud­get was big­ger and it wasn’t hor­ror, some stu­dio guy wasn’t go­ing to have it. I had to take a sec­ondary role as a slimy heel and watch some other ac­tor [Reed Bir­ney] do the role. That was a shitty ex­pe­ri­ence.

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