Main­tain a level of safety

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I READ about the woman who chal­lenged a man beat­ing a puppy on a busy street.

She seemed sur­prised that no other mem­bers of the pub­lic came for­ward to help.

Although I ad­mire her courage, I doubt if I’d con­front some­one like that. Given that the man was ap­par­ently vi­ciously beat­ing a puppy, his morals aren’t very high — and for his anger to trans­fer to any­one chal­leng­ing him wouldn’t take too much.

No, we should not turn a blind eye to ab­hor­rent acts, but a level of self-aware­ness and safety surely must be main­tained.

That said, had I wit­nessed her be­rat­ing the man, I’m sure I’d have given her back-up.

And I do hope he is found and has the puppy re­moved from his care.

Stay safe.

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