Should I buy a GT-R?

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I’ve been look­ing around for some­thing proper quick that will han­dle the odd track­day too. I keep com­ing back to the big ugly Nis­san, as in terms of bang for the buck it seems there is lit­tle that can touch it. I know a few fo­rum mem­bers have or have had them and I’m in­ter­ested to hear gen­uine thoughts on own­er­ship.

I had a ride in David Yu’s be­fore he sold it. It was run­ning about 700bhp and had the up­graded Litch­field fast-road sus­pen­sion IIRC. The ride was great, the speed shock­ing and the way it went round cor­ners at speeds faster than my 330i could man­age was alarm­ing. Jimmy Choo

On track they have a spec­tac­u­lar ap­petite for tyres and brakes. Foz

Why not some­thing more track­bi­ased? Ob­vi­ously there are heav­ily com­pro­mised cars like the Atom, but some­thing like an S3 Ex­ige S (with a 430bhp Ko­motec up­grade if you like) would give a very dif­fer­ent ex­pe­ri­ence, and at 1100kg it would have no is­sues with lot­salaps. Mik

The GT-R is just awe­some. For the money noth­ing comes even re­motely close. Not even in the same post­code. It’s a heavy car, though, so of course it will use up tyres and stuff if driven

on the limit. But you’ll still pass most things tak­ing it rel­a­tively easy… I’d agree that it is at heart a GT, though, not a hard­core sports car. I also don’t think it’s a car that im­presses enough on an ini­tial drive (I can­celled my ini­tial or­der). For me it needed time to get to know it. Its per­son­al­ity grows and you ap­pre­ci­ate the sub­tle things. Mark BT52

Just. Do. It. There have prob­a­bly been more words writ­ten about the GT-R than any other car in the last ten years and it de­serves all the praise it has re­ceived and more. See­ing as the R36 will be a hy­brid with elec­tric front-wheel drive, I can­not see how the tuners will be able to get a bal­anced mod­i­fi­ca­tion out of it as the mo­tors will only be rated to a spe­cific out­put, re­gard­less of the tune of the petrol en­gine pow­er­ing the rear wheels. As we all spend our twi­light years be­ing carted around in Google icars, we will look fondly back on the R35 as the last of the ‘af­ford­able’ er­adefin­ing per­for­mance cars. David Yu

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