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‘ The V6s tend to have more ma­ture own­ers now: they bec ame cheap, and many were abused, but to­day even Pha se 1 c ars are £ 16,000- plus. The con­di­tion of c ars out there varies a lot, and to find a ver y clean Pha se 1 is now ver y hard. Look for cor­ro­sion on the body, faulty air- con sys­tems, seized rear sus­pen­sion track- rod ends and cracked rear c ats on any V6. On Pha se 1s the brake c alipers of ten need re­fur­bish­ing and front split­ters go miss­ing , while c amshaf t de­pha ser pul­leys and f ly wheels c an clat­ter on Pha se 2s, amongst other com­mon faults. It’s ea sy to find a shiny Clio V6, but it’s what’s un­der the skin that counts.’


‘ Han­dling on the Pha se 2, along with build qual­ity, is greatly im­proved, and this is ref lected in the prices. A good spe­cial­ist his­tor y is of ten bet­ter than a main dealer his­tor y, a s you need to know what to look for, and most deal­ers have only ever seen a hand­ful. The c am­belt and wa­ter pump is a big job and c an ea sily be £ 1500 – and that’s re­quired ever y five years. Sus­pen­sion par ts such a s ball joints, arms and drive­shaf ts c an now be ver y dif fi­cult to source through Re­nault, and are hef ty in price a s well, while body pan­els are now ob­so­lete. Reg­u­lar coil and spark- plug changes will also be on the a genda, es­pe­cially for ex­am­ples that don’t get driven that far in a year.’

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