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prob­lem is, the seat doesn’t move be­cause it is part of the car­bon­fi­bre tub. So in­stead you have to heave on a piece of ca­ble down in the footwell, at which point the en­tire pedal box is re­leased, and then moves. You then need to ei­ther hook your feet be­neath the as­sem­bly to pull the ped­als up to­wards you or push them away to get them just where you want them. Which to be hon­est is a right old palaver com­pared with a seat that moves back and forth.

Once you’re in and have got the ped­als where you want them, how­ever, the GT feels great; it feels like a proper, bona fide mid-en­gined su­per­car. Even if its in­stru­ments, steer­ing wheel and cabin ma­te­ri­als are the wrong side of or­di­nary for a car that costs around £335,000.

It sounds good, though. Boy does it sound good. It sounds awe­some ac­tu­ally, and that’s surely more im­por­tant than a cabin that wants for a bit of de­sign flair and which is strangely lack­ing in the usual ex­otic ma­te­ri­als.

The noise the GT makes at low-ish speeds is deeply in­tense, quite Ne­an­derthal in its ap­peal in some ways, and maybe even a bit OTT com­pared with some ri­vals. The car as a whole sounds in­cred­i­bly busy, even down at 40mph, with stones ping­ing into the whee­larches and a fair old bit of road roar from those mas­sive 325-sec­tion 20-inch rear Miche­lin Pi­lot Sport Cup 2 tyres. The en­gine and its ex­haust are also

au­di­ble, even when you’re just pot­ter­ing about at 2000rpm in top gear. Yet in a way this is what de­fines the Ford GT as the car that it is; as the rac­ing car for the road that Ford might not want us to think it is but which, in fact, it ab­so­lutely is.

After a week in it, I’ll ac­tu­ally be­gin to go full cir­cle about this par­tic­u­lar as­pect of the GT. I’ll end up think­ing that this might be the way to go with cars such as this. Be­cause let’s face it, you don’t drive/own/buy a car like the Ford GT – or a 918 or a P1, etc – want­ing ev­ery­day Mon­deo-style re­fine­ment from it. You drive a car like the Ford GT to make your heart, mind and imag­i­na­tion go to an­other place, and I think the fact that you need to suf­fer a bit in the process with re­gards to re­fine­ment, noise, comfort, what­ever, ac­tu­ally height­ens the over­all ex­pe­ri­ence in a weird kind of way – so long as the thing de­liv­ers where and when it mat­ters most.

And holy smoke does the Ford GT de­liver where it mat­ters most.

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