A be­hind-the-scenes glimpse at what the team get up to at a race

Mclaren’s garage is a hive of ac­tiv­ity at a race week­end. But who does what?

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1 Stand­ing next to the air­line for the wheel­gun is Aidan Carvell, rear jack man for Stof­fel Van­doorne’s Mclaren. He wheels his jack un­der the rear of the MCL32 to lift it up so the tyres can be changed.

2 An FIA scru­ti­neer is al­lo­cated to each team garage with the pri­mary pur­pose of checking tyre tem­per­a­tures and scan­ning the bar­codes on the Pirelli rub­ber to mon­i­tor the al­lo­ca­tion of tyres.

3 This struc­ture is taken by Mclaren to ev­ery GP. It pro­vides light­ing and power for the tyre-warm­ing blan­kets and con­tains fans, com­pressed air­lines, ra­dio com­mu­ni­ca­tion tech­nol­ogy and garage cam­eras.

4 Van­doorne uses this touch-screen TV to switch be­tween world feed, tim­ing screen and cir­cuit GPS. In the pit­lane is num­ber one me­chanic, Fa­bien Warner, who will tell him when it’s safe to exit the garage.

5 Based at the cen­tre con­sole, Van­doorne’s race en­gi­neer Tom Stal­lard is mon­i­tor­ing the teleme­try com­ing from the car, while stay­ing in com­mu­ni­ca­tion with his fel­low en­gi­neers and the pit­wall.

6 All the ac­tiv­ity at the front of the garage is be­ing care­fully mon­i­tored by Yusuke Hasegawa, the head of Honda’s For­mula 1 en­gine project.

7 Fer­nando Alonso’s race en­gi­neer Mark Tem­ple mir­rors Stal­lard’s role, and keeps a dialogue with the team’s strate­gists and mis­sion con­trol back at the Mclaren Tech­nol­ogy Cen­tre in Wok­ing.

8 Kneel­ing at Alonso’s front-left wheel is his chas­sis me­chanic, Lee Hart. Hart is re­spon­si­ble for belt­ing Alonso in and dis­con­nect­ing his car from the over­head mod­ule be­fore it leaves the garage.

9 Alonso’s per­sonal trainer Fabrizio Borra is on standby to hand over wa­ter, a cool­ing fan or hel­met and gloves as re­quired.

10 This green cover is placed over the rear wing to serve a dual pur­pose. It pro­tects the rear jack man from the heat, as well as lim­it­ing the fumes com­ing out of the ex­haust.

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