Best bags for trans­port­ing fresh­wa­ter

Fish Farmer - - Aquaculture Europe 17 -

per­i­ment on var­i­ous types of tar­pau­lin bags used in­creas­ingly needed to treat for AGD and sea lice. To re­duce the trans­port costs of fresh­wa­ter and a sys­tem for pro­duc­ing fresh­wa­ter with re­verse os­mo­sis on site, safe­keep­ing the fresh­wa­ter, and

qual­ity, en­vi­ron­men­tal forces on the moor­ing and in­side the tar­pau­lin.

sway moor­ing with an un­der­wa­ter buoy for the A frame moor­ing was used for the el­lip­soid shape.

force mea­sured, the sphere moved more and there­fore this is not the ideal shape. The hot­dog and el­lip­soid had sim­i­lar move­ment but with the strong cur­rents so this in­sta­bil­ity has to be solved.

The el­lip­soid model moved more smoothly both in cur­rents and waves so this is the best model.

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