Do all fish and shell­fish con­tain mer­cury?

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Mer­cury lev­els in the oceans have tripled since the In­dus­trial Revo­lu­tion, thanks to min­ing and the burn­ing of fos­sil fu­els. All sea crea­tures ab­sorb some of this heavy metal di­rectly, and once it’s in the body there’s no way of get­ting rid of it. The amount of mer­cury in fish varies be­tween species. Longlived preda­tors like tuna and sword­fish tend to con­tain the most, be­cause they also ab­sorb mer­cury from their prey and they’ve had a long time to ac­cu­mu­late it. The low­est lev­els are found in short­lived species lower down the food chain, such as oys­ters and shrimp.

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