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What did they do?

A team of syn­thetic bi­ol­o­gists and mu­si­cians call­ing them­selves Biota Beats cre­ated a piece of mu­sic us­ing the hu­man mi­cro­biome – the sym­bi­otic mi­cro­bial cells, mostly made up of bac­te­ria, that live on and in the hu­man body.

How did they do that?

The team took swabs of bac­te­ria from their armpits, belly but­tons, feet, mouths and pri­vate parts and placed them on a petri dish shaped like a vinyl record and let them grow. They then used a math­e­mat­i­cal al­go­rithm to trans­late the im­ages of the bac­te­ria colonies into sounds with a dif­fer­ent sound or ‘in­stru­ment’ be­long­ing to each colony.

What does it sound like?

The end re­sult is a spooky am­bi­ent elec­tronic sym­phony that sounds eerily like the sort of thing Aphex Twin might come up with. Have a lis­ten for your­self at

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