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NASA wants to pump water into the Yel­low­stone vol­cano to make the magma too sticky to rise.

1 An 8km- deep bore­hole is drilled into the hy­dro­ther­mal sys­tem. This vast body of hot ground­wa­ter sur­rounds the shal­low magma cham­ber and ab­sorbs more than two-thirds of the heat gen­er­ated there.

2 Huge quan­ti­ties of water are pumped down the bore­hole, cool­ing the hy­dro­ther­mal flu­ids so that they can suck out even more of the magma’s heat.

3 The magma cools and starts to con­geal, mak­ing it more dif­fi­cult for it to reach the sur­face and feed an erup­tion.

4 Su­per­heated water re­turned to the sur­face via the bore­hole could be used to drive tur­bines and gen­er­ate elec­tric­ity.

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