Beet­root-cured sal­mon with horse­rad­ish and tar­ragon cream


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Ask your fish­mon­ger for the tail end of the fish – this makes slic­ing far eas­ier – and make sure that the skin has been left on.

2 x 500g sal­mon fil­lets

100g sea salt flakes

100g un­re­fined sugar zest 1 lemon

1tbsp vodka

1 small raw beet­root (about 150g), peeled and finely grated

250g crème fraîche

2tbsp freshly grated horse­rad­ish or creamed horse­rad­ish sauce

2tbsp fresh tar­ragon, chopped rye or soda bread, to serve Place a fil­let of fish skin side down in a plas­tic con­tainer.

Mix the salt, sugar, lemon zest, vodka, grated beet­root and

2tsp of ground pep­per to­gether. Spread over the sal­mon, then place the other fil­let skin side up over the top.

Wrap the fish in cling film and us­ing a small board weighed down with a heavy weight (such as a pes­tle and mor­tar), place in the fridge. After 12 hours, pour away the liq­uid and turn the fish over. Re­turn it to the fridge and re­place the weight.

After a fur­ther 24 hours, pour away any more liq­uid, and scrape off the beet­root. Sand­wich to­gether, wrap and re­turn to fridge, again weighed down, for a fi­nal 24 hours.

Be­fore serv­ing, com­bine the crème fraîche, horse­rad­ish, tar­ragon and a lit­tle salt and pep­per in a bowl. Very thinly slice the sal­mon with the knife slant­ing across the fish, down to­wards the tail. Serve on slices of rye bread with some of the crème fraîche and a few ex­tra sprigs of tar­ragon.

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