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Thank good­ness many Ja­panese eat­ing houses have pic­tures (or mod­els) of menu items to guide din­ers. The fol­low­ing list cov­ers things you are bound to come across dur­ing a stay in Ok­i­nawa.

Abura miso Minced-pork-and-miso sea­son­ing for rice

Agu Pork from the black Ok­i­nawan pig

Awamori Rice spirit

Beni-imo Purple sweet potato

Bukubuku Cold foamy bev­er­age of jas­mine tea and cooked brown rice Cham­puru Ok­i­nawan stir-fry with egg and tofu

Goya Bit­ter gourd

Iakyo Scal­lions, sim­i­lar to Welsh onions

In­gana, hand­aba, kand­aba and ichoba Types of leaf veg­etable Ji­mami tofu Made with peanuts

Koji Mould used for mak­ing miso and awamori

Mozuko Type of spaghetti seaweed

Nankotsu Braised spare rib with soft­ened car­ti­lage

Sata andagi Dough­nuts made with egg yolk. Those with black sugar are the best-tast­ing

Shikuwasa (Cit­rus de­pressa) Fruit, juice and culi­nary in­gre­di­ent To­fuyo Aged tofu mar­i­nated in awamori and red koji

Udon Thick soba noo­dles made from wheat rather than the

Ja­panese buck­wheat

Umi budo (sea grape) A kind of seaweed

Yakiniku Bar­be­cued beef

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