Vanilla and bit­ter caramel panna cotta


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5 sheets sil­ver gela­tine

150ml cold milk

1litre whip­ping cream

150g ic­ing sugar

2 vanilla pods, slit in half length­ways, seeds scraped out 350g caster sugar 6 ramekins, each 10cm di­am­e­ter and 8cm deep

To make the panna cotta, soak the gela­tine in the cold milk for 20 min­utes. Mean­while, put the cream in a non-stick pan, add the ic­ing sugar and vanilla seeds and gen­tly bring up to a sim­mer, then take off the heat. Add the gela­tine, pour­ing in the cold milk first, then the soaked sheets. Whisk un­til the gela­tine dis­solves. Chill in the fridge un­til just start­ing to thicken

(about 45 min­utes).

While the panna cotta is in the fridge, make your caramel. Put the caster sugar in a non-stick pan and, over a low to medium heat, start melt­ing it, stir­ring con­stantly with a wooden spoon. Be very care­ful of the smoke and open your win­dows. Set out 6 ramekins and, when the sugar turns to a dark brown caramel (10-15 min­utes), pour about 1cm into each ramekin and al­low to firm up.

Whisk the panna cotta mix­ture and pour to just be­low the rim of the ramekins. Leave to set in the fridge overnight.

To serve, loosen the panna cotta seal with the tip of a sharp knife, dip the ramekins half­way into a bowl of very hot wa­ter for 7 sec­onds, and turn out on to cold plates.

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